Soul Destroyer

Soul Destroyer


The Prodigy meet the Beasties to beat up Saxon - with added swearing! and masks!!


Brought together by a love of classic rock, classic punk and techno weirdness, Soul Destroyer set out to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT in 2006. They wanted to do gigs with a minimum of equipment and yet put on an exciting show that took the best bits of the above genres and added bucketloads of attitude. On stage the 3 masked and suited figures dance maniacally to the brutal but somehow poppy tunes and bring an unnerving aggression right to the audience's face. After an approach from Double Dragon records, the band decided to self release (download only) the "Die Tonight" E.P. which was followed a year later by their entirely self-produced debut full-length "Faceless" on Casket, which was warmly received by the British music press. They continue to gig in and around London, their hometown, and have baffled and delighted many audiences, who frankly have never seen anything like it. Is it metal, punk, dance or pop? We don't know, but the strength of the songs and image of the band set them apart from any genre happening in the UK right now. Check for tracks and live footage.


"Die Tonight" E.P. 2007 received airplay (notably BBC Radio 6)
"Faceless" LP 2007 (Casket)
Feature on LastFM and iTunes.

Set List

Sleeping With Ghosts
A Corpse and an Alibi
Tread on Me
Sun Going Down
Die Tonight
Freak Like Me
I Hate You

30-40 mins