Reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, and The Melvins, Souldozer has fashioned its own unique sound influenced by these and other Stoner Rock pioneers. With hypnotic rhythms and dynamic performances, Souldozer mesmerizes live audiences with a power-groove that cannot be ignored.


Born in an abandoned factory on Detroit's east side in 1997, Souldozer has grown into a heavy-as-hell, hard rock machine. Having played many venues in and around Detroit, including Joe Louis Arena as a headliner for the Hockeytown Concert Series, Souldozer consistently delivers high-powered performances. They practice hard, they gig hard – Souldozer never disappoints. After releasing numerous CDs and logging hundreds of hours in Detroit’s filthiest and smokiest bars, Souldozer looks forward to becoming a rock-n-roll juggernaut on a global scale.


High Powered

Written By: Jim Kaspari

Locked in
I got you in my sights
Big hit
You're gonna get me right
My foot
Is hammered to the floor
Burnin road
Right through your door

Fireball of speed
It's all I need
Straight to hell
Gonna ride in the devil's supersonic dope machine

I'm feelin high powered
Hard rollin, high dollar

I'm Your Religion

Written By: Jim Kaspari

You cannot say what's on your mind
Searchin for feelings you can't find
My finger's itchin
Your trigger's twitchin
You're gonna know you're mine tonight

I'm your religion, baby
Mighty heavy, powerful loud
Light your ignition, baby
I'm on fire and burnin loud

You're a fool to try and cool me
I just want you to get down

Draw the Line

Written By: Jim Kaspari

I can't miss you
Your eyes, your face
I can't miss you
No how, no way
You can't see you
Your eyes, your face
You can't miss you
You're out of place

Yeah, it's great to live free
It feels good to be alive
Working hard to earn your keep
There's no need to compromise

Living hard and living free
Yeah it's great to be alive
Working hard to earn your keep
Now it's time to draw the line
Draw the line


Terra Firma (full length CD - 1999)
Hard Core (EP - 2000)
Souldozer (full length CD - 2001)
Sludge (EP - 2004)
High Powered (EP - 2006)

Set List

Capable of performing short (30 minutes), medium (45-60 minutes), or headliner (90 minutes +) performances.

Example 45 minute performance (10-12 songs):
Cool Mean Machine
Friend or Foe
Deep Wounds
A Great Day (Can Only Get Better)
High Powered
I'm Your Religion
Draw the Line
el Presidente
New God