Soul Escapes Mind

Soul Escapes Mind

 Bay Shore, New York, USA
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One Soul

Written By: Nick Arettines

I just tripped out the other day
And everything seems so perfect to me
I can't see beyond my own little mind
No that ain't true my soul is fine
And when I'm going downtown
I gotta realize what's going on
When I'm going downtown
I just gotta hear my song listen to it

Is time warping space?
Or are your minds just a prison?

The Piper

Written By: Nick Arettines

Verse 1: Confusion pro con for against the opposite of fusion
It all comes from fear the devil is delusion
Not seeing the big picture with your eyes
Confusion causes soldiers to die

Verse 2: Jesus Christ says we're all one family
We eminated from a uni-cellular organism science agrees
All is one and One is All
Together we stand Divided we fall

Verse 3: Jesus Christ believed in the Buddha Law
Jesus was a Buddha without flaw
Religions may differ but they all agree
In Peace Love Joy and Unity

Chorus: Loving your family or nation
more than anyone in God's creation
Propoganda has been called thought control

Your own little ayran race
But every country has a face
Learn to let unconditional love free your soul