BandHip HopFunk

intricate melodies dressed with vibrant texture inspired by incendiary vocals


Introducing soulfatronic, an organic Philadelphia based act. Building from hip-hops original blueprints, soulfatronic presents a blend of jazz, rock, and pop complimented by funky dance grooves. MC Stylz, a raw knuckled soul poet, delivers the bands messages through socio- conscious prose and eccentric words of wisdom. His unique lyrical delivery along with guitarist Ben Visich's vibrant texture is illuminated by the deep-pocket rhythmic backbone of drummer Jon Ardito and bassist Mitch Beer. The group’s high energy stage presence and sophisticated urban appeal accelerates the live performance for which they are known.


WMMR Local Shots Volume 6 - Limo to Hell

Set List

The Clap
Political Science
Quittin Time
Left Behind
End of History
East Side Killer
Criminal Minds
Limo to Hell
On the Down Low
Mitch's Britches
Tangled Up

Standard set length is between 45 mins and one hour

Covers on occasion with a unique soulfatronic influence (Michael Jackson, Jamiraqui, 311, The Roots, etc.)