Riverside, California, USA

We a great Alternative/Pop band that has there own original sound unlike any other band. We have written over 50 of our songs and can play many covers as well. We are working on recording, but right now our videos from live performances are on facebook. We are comfortable playing with any crowd.


We are a enthusiastic band that has been growing very quickly. We are an Alternative/Pop band that writes our own songs and we are working on recording them. Our band is Soulfire and we are comfortable playing for any size of crowd. We have played shows for a range of 50-700 people with wonderful comments. We are a band that many fans, one mark is 300+ fans on facebook. We are trying to get our name out and grow constantly. We are always looking for more venues to play at. We have 4 members in the band playing Lead Guitar, Rythm Guitar/Vocals, Bass, and Drums. We currently have a small set up of equipment with a pa system. We have many referances that would put in a great word about performances.


None so far, But we are working on recording.