Soulfish has performed at various Sonoma County venues since October 2006. Soulfish's unique sound is a tasty blend of high-energy alternative rock and dramatic ballads. The individual members hail from a wide array of musical backgrounds resulting in our original song-oriented, contemporary style.


Spawned from an auspicious meeting over Labor Day weekend, Soulfish made their debut at the (now defunct) Sebastopol Brewing Company on Friday the 13th of October, 2006. Since then Soulfish has performed at a majority of the venues in Sonoma County, including recent shows at the Russian River Brewing Co., Ace in the Hole, and the Last Day Saloon. In addition, Soulfish has played, and is available for, private parties, charitable benefits and political fundraisers.


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Set List

Currently we have 3 sets (each approximately 75-80 minutes):

1. The Summer We Met
2. Sweet Liberty
3. Everything Changes
4. Alright
5. Wasp in the Sun
6. Don't Worry
7. Aubrey Lane
8. IOU
9. Angel of Harlem (U2)
10. Take It Back
11. Momma was a Dancer


12. Shine
13. Threshing Floor
14. Too Far Gone
15. No Place To Go
16. Take a Chance
17. Get Away
18. Let You Go
19. Common Ground
20. Round Here (Counting Crows)
21. Truth & Mystery


22. Wipe Out
23. What You Gonna Do?
24. It Doesn't Matter
25. When Its Over
26. Can't Get Enough (Bad Company)
27. Wash Away
28. Broke Off
29. When She's Gone
30. Guess I Got the Blues