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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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- Self Titled EP (1998)
- Clear Cut EP (2001)
- Press Kit Release (2002)
- Set Yourself Free, Obey, Cover It Up singles (2004)
- Radio airplay (105.5 WDHA) - Answers and Wild Child


Feeling a bit camera shy


Like an after hours diner filled with loud obnoxious drunks, Soulfist has a little something for everyone. Prince, Pantera, Rush, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Alice Cooper were thrown into a blender, fed to a toxic pig, and out came North Jersey’s widely accepted original quartet.

So what does this sound like? It depends. The music ranges from a dark heavy groove to alternative hard rock to blues to a touch of punk. This versatile band has overdriven guitars (Jim Alexiou), bottom-heavy bass (Marc Smith) and solid drumming (Cannonball Casini), topped off with rich aggressive vocals delivered by a wild frontman (Steve Falco).

Soulfist is a compound word combining Soul [mind, spirit, intellect] and Fist [energy, power]. On stage, the Fist pounds out an energetic performance. Their set always has more than just original music. A retuned cover song, popular riff medley, or instrumental jam can be expected to turn heads and sell beer.

Basically, they got together, wrote some songs and here they are. In ’98, the band hit the ground running by supporting their debut 6 song EP with many gigs on both sides of the Hudson. Once established, they conquered a bloody Battle of the Bands that went down in Jersey. This led to a cover feature interview for the East Coast Rocker. While the band progressed, "Answers" and “Wild Child” began airing on 105.5 WDHA. They continue to write, record, and perform, as their name and sound spread.