SoulFolk Experience

SoulFolk Experience

 New York City, New York, USA

THE SOULFOLK EXPERIENCE is a rotating circle of veteran multi instrumentalists/songwriters. All in the SOULFOLK EXPERIENCE are all solo artists or part of successful groups in their own right, but who enjoy playing and performing each other's material.


THE SOULFOLK EXPERIENCE is a circle of veteran songwriters/multi-instrumentalists of different backgrounds, who all write mature, honest, heartfelt songs. All of the SOULFOLK EXPERIENCE roster are solo artists or part of successful groups in their own right. They play in nearly every genre from Rock to R&B to Reggae to Folk to Jazz. All in the group play at least 2 instruments, so the ensemble changes depending on the needs of the song and the singer. This "musical switching" makes for a compelling, engaging live performance.


Latest releases by the group: The Soulfolk Experience Vol. 1.
Latest releases by each group member:
Maritri - Enter Redemption
David Pilgrim - Island Soul
V. Jeffrey Smith w/ The Family Stand - Super Soul Nova
Jeff Jeudy - What More Can I say
Shelley Nicole - The Quick And Dirty EP

Set List

With full 6-piece band (including drummer), 60-90 minutes long for a single set. Acoustic sets are 45 minutes long. Covers are occasionally done, at the most one per set.