Joe Maraio and The Whyte Trash All Stars

Joe Maraio and The Whyte Trash All Stars

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

If your looking for a good American rock band with amazing vocals and kick ass guitars, then look no further cause your in the right place for an eargasm.


Joe Maraio, who is a father of three, wrote the album Soul fo Sale by himself in early 2010. Soul for Sale is Joe's debut album which is a mix between Alice in Chains and Chris Daughtry. Joe has amazing talent with his vocals and guitar skills. But Joe's talent wasn't enough to perform his cd release party, which he booked without other musicians in his band. Luckily he did not have to look far for musicians to help him perform a great show. A local band called Escape to Everything , who were good friends of Joe's, were more then happy to be part of Joe's band to officially complete Soul for Sale. With a complete band, which includes Joe, Steve, Mike, and Ronnie, Soul for Sale has had the priveledge to perform all over Boston and made great fans. We are looking to expand our band not just in Boston but all over the world. Soul for Sale will hopefully be a household name pretty soon so I hope you guys stay tunes for more from Soul for Sale.



Written By: Joe Maraio

Staring out my window,on a Sunday afternoon. Im tired of reaching, tired of preaching, trying to get through to you. Thinking 'bout my life thus far. And what have I got to lose? If the sun don't shine tomorrow fine. Nothing new to either me or you. Hey your love rips one more time through my heart again, heart again. Hey your love slips one more time from the start again, start again. She was cold like November, can't remember yesterday. If you deny me, and you despise me, I'd rather walk away. Just remember that when I do. It's the last attempt you'll see. And if the sun don't shine tomorrow fine, nothing new to either you or me. Hey your love rips one more time through my heart again, heart again. Hey your love rips one more time through my eyes.. Ain't no god damn way you'll change my mind this time time I'm fine. And it's made up for the last time. Go your own way I, won't be crushed without you yeah. Go on, go on shuffle around me to watch the plot thicken cause I'm right where you found me. Strung out, without any self respect. Your hands on my neck no ransom no check. Cause I ain't your piece of property. What you can walk on me, and how you talk to me? I think I'll leave it all behind this time. And let your superman put up with your lies.


Soul for Sale
1. Crusht
2. Born to Never Lose (Selfish) *
3. One of These Days
4. Against All Odds
5. Use Me
6. Ride On
7. Against All Odd (Acoustic)

In the Shadows
2. Angels of Envy
4. Nothing Left to Say
5. Dear Rosalie
6. Wild Horses
7. Mother Please
8. In the Shadows
9. Damage
10. Karma

Set List

Angels of Envy
Nothing Left to Say
Mother Please
Against All Odds
Born to Never Lose