Emotive, modern rock; existing with a purpose


"If rock is a rebellion, then why not lead the rebellion into goodness... and hope...?" lead singer Mutto captures something of the heart of Gold Coast four piece Soulframe. Indeed, historically good rock n roll has been driven by rebellion, and in a war-torn 21st century world, Soulframe are finding much to rebel against.

The bands appropriately titled 2nd album Escaping Entropy, launched to over 1000 fans at Brisbane's Tivoli theatre, while certainly uplifting lyrically, is also drawing widespread critical acclaim. Entropy has so far collected a swag of awards including a win and 3 further nominations at Musicoz, a Pacific Songwriting Award, two of the top 10 spots in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards, and top spot in Sea Fm's 'Unsigned' competition. Soulframe's growing reputation has also received endorsement from their peers, leading to supports with New Zealand/OC favorites Evermore, UK band Delirious, and with Aussie rockers Grinspoon and MotorAce.

In a world where rebellion is being revolutionised (to the point where 'straight-edge' has become the new 'hardcore'), perhaps there is an opportunity for the rebellion that is rock and roll to find a new potency. Soulframe believe so passionately, and are intent on taking their rebellion to the world.


“Full of musical precision... an album of heartfelt & driven musical excursions... an esky full of ice blocks for a Saturday afternoon in the park, occasionally dipping into darker territory, only to emerge moments later with a broad smile on its face."
Robert Lukins, Time Off Magazine

“Soulframe are one of the bright lights among a new breed of bands who have great tunes and something to say.”
Dave Drinkall, Rhubarb/Toupee Records

“Soulframe rock out, entertain & deliver really catchy & sincere music. They successfully avoid the post grunge clichés & yet have a sound influenced by bands from that genre. When they scale down to the bare acoustics you can quickly see the depth of talent in their songs, harmonies and audience rapport.”
Paul Colman, Paul Colman Trio – Grammy Nominees 2003

"...their problem isn't lack of singles, it's which songs to choose from because near half the record is ripe for the airwaves."
Stu McPhee, Atlantis Records & Ear Medicine

"...the music stands out and is absolutely compelling... well constructed with imaginative lyrics & the lead singer's voice is simply outstanding."
Belinda Sanders, ABC Radio

• Soulframe recently won Gold Coast radio station 90.9 Sea FM’s ‘Unsigned’ competition, leading to a support for Aus-rockers ‘Grinspoon’, May ’05, and single ‘Tonight’ being played on the morning show.

• ‘Escaping Entropy’s’ single ‘Thread’ won 1st place, in the 2005 Pacific Songwriters Competition’s ‘Rock/Metal/Indie’ category.

• ‘Escaping Entropy’s’ single ‘Tonight’ won 3rd place, at the Australian National Songwriting Contest 2005, in the ‘Pop Rock’ category; the second single ‘Loved’ placed within the top 10 (results still to be announced).

• Jaxter Artist Awards selected the single ‘Loved’ to be included on their ‘2005 Finalists’ compilation CD.

• Single ‘Tonight’ won best song in category, & was nominated for 4 awards including ‘Artist of the Year’ at National Music Competition ‘Musicoz’, Dec ‘04.

• The Gold Coast Music Industry Association (GCMIA) selected Escaping Entropy’s ‘The Other Side’ to be featured on the GCMIA/Elston Records sampler compilation CD 'Latitude 28: Volume 1' to promote Gold Coast artistry.

• Soulframe won ‘Best Rock Song’ for ‘Walk Away’ & received nominations for ‘Album of the Year’ for ‘Sojourn’ & ‘Song of the Year’ for ‘Walk Away’ at 2001 ‘QRA Sunnie Awards’.

• ‘Tonight’: featured on RG Capitol Network’s National ‘Aus-made’ show.

• ‘Thread’ : featured on Austereo Group: Brisbane’s B105FM.



Written By: Soulframe


Here tonight I feel so safe
Alone with you
I wanna know what you’re thinking

Here tonight I feel so safe
Alone with you,
Lost in the promise you made
I wanna know what you’re thinking
As I’m lying here

And I know that you got me
The best for my life
If I can just believe
And tonight I’m grateful
You answer me here

And I sense you remind me here
(you’re leading me through life)
And I know you won’t leave me here
(despite how it feels sometimes)
I believe my heart you hear
I’m not alone

You promised to stay always
Not that you I would always feel
And I’m not sure what changes
When I feel more aware of you

And to those who overcome
You are pleased to give them the kingdom
And tonight I’m grateful
You answer my prayer
(and you meet with me here)


Written By: Soulframe


You feel like your hands are tied
With the binds of the marketing machine
You feel so immature and naïve everyday
And everybody’s saying
‘It’s just the way things are done around here
And if you don’t like it you’ll just have to change’
But you feel like
You still need ‘time to play’
To forget the adult world where they won’t say
Be yourself
Be beautiful

I wanna go
With the soul
With the colour of innocence
Just to be

For the sake of being beautiful
Not to sell or gain
Not to manipulate
Just to be

You wanted to find your heart in this
To be yourself and express
To say what you want to say, and dress how you want to dress
But everybody’s saying that you’ve got to show just a little more skin
If you want to catch their eye, & be feminine
But you feel like
You want room to breathe
To forget the exploitation where they can’t see
To be yourself
Is beautiful


Written By: Soulframe


I run from my desire to need
To find someone upon whom
I can bestow all of my kisses
With freedom of mind and a peace of heart
In that place who you are is minimised
For who you are is beautiful

Last night I held an angel
Snuggled in between her wings
Privileged to have her choose to spend her time with me
To hold hands with me
Her graceful fingers and gentle touch
Was refuge for this man in need
I may never recover

In the aftermath of reality
Your beauty’s depth is what sets me free to return
For who you are is beautiful
Yet beauty is more than all I see
It’s bound in the heart and set free in deed
For who you are is beautiful

Last night I held a princess
A genuine handcrafted daughter of God
A gentle voice and a simple love
Privileged to have her choose to spend her time with me
Braced the cold against her warmth
Her sensitive eyes implored
Please don’t hurt me

You know you’re all I see in front of me
You know you’re all I see
In me

Needed to Know

Written By: Soulframe

Needed to know

You make me feel so comfortable
As you look at me from across the room
I can tell by your eyes, you recognise
My face as one that you love

You know I think the world of you
The things you say, the way you move
But tonight I can’t hide, these feelings inside
I hope you don’t think the worse of me for saying

I needed to know
As time went by
That you were there
You were by my side

Sometimes you seem so far away
And I wonder if you’re hearing me
And I wish I could change the way that we relate
And tear down this distance in our lives

I know I’m only skin and bone
My ways and thoughts are not your own
But this flesh that I wear
Craves a language of care
Of the words touch, see, feel and hear

I can see you in looking behind
And I’ve chosen a faith driven life
But tonight I need you by my side
You know I want you


Escaping Entropy
- full length album; Australian airplay with songs 'Tonight', 'Beautiful' & 'Thread'.

Set List

Typical Originals set:
1. Here Am I
2. Time
3. OK
4. Beautiful
5. Needed 2 Know
6. Thread
7. Loved
8. Wish
9. Tonight
10. Confession
11. TOS

possibly with some added covers, eg -
500 miles
Meant to live
Beautiful Day etc