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Houston, TX
Established on Jan, 2010
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"Sway In the Morning"

In April 2018, Soulfully, Me was selected to take part in a segment on Sway in The Morning that allowed him to preview 2 songs from his project, The Prelude and be interviewed by Sway and the cast. The feedback from Sway, Tracy G, and Heather B was unequivocally positive and he placed a stamp as a stand out artist in the show's history. Every individual that called into the show and the show's cast voted unanimously to put Soulfully, Me "In the Game" as the saying would go. He has since been invited back for an In-Studio interview and to further bring awareness for his upcoming album release. The Sway in the Morning opportunity has opened many doors and has helped in the ultimate goal of him walking in his purpose, which is music. - Shade45

"BET’s 106 and Park"

It's a hip hop competition with artists Soulfully, Me, Flight School and Tension. - BET


Memphis artist Soulfully, Me returns from a 5 year hiatus with “The Hesitation” that borrows production from J.Cole and Drake‘s “In The Morning.”
Going beyond just mackin’ on a girl, the song’s concept flirts back and forth between whether Soulfully was going to pursue music or leave it alone altogether. Check it out. - The Dope Show

"Soulfully Me: “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” Freestyle"

Soulfully, Me is an emerging emcee from Richmond, VA via Memphis, TN. While in the past, such a hometown would bring up images of snap tracks and jingle-style lyrics, Soulfully, Me takes more of a cue from The Clipse and J. Cole when it comes to his subject matter and voice. In fact, I think Soulfully, Me sounds a lot like Fayetteville’s finest, just isn’t there quite yet. Here he gives us a freestyle over Kanye West’s “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”, which is an amazing record, and one of my all-time favorites. Soulfully, Me stays true to his name, offering us diamonds in the form of his own thoughts and feelings on his place in Hip Hop at this time. Listen and download the song below. You can also check out his latest mixtape, Confessions of A College Kid. - Ruby Hornet

"Soulfully, Me - Ventilation"

“Away From Me” instrumental. This joint is part one of his 9th Wonder tribute series. Hoping to created a buzz for his forthcoming project Sincerely, Soul, Soulfully, Me will be appearing on BET’s 106 and Park October 26th. Make sure you catch that episode! - Garden State Hip Hop

"Soulfully, Me - Confessions of a College Kid"

Another talented act has emerged out of the DMV by way of Memphis. Soulfully, Me hit me up a little over a week ago with his debut, Confessions Of A College Kid. My immediate reaction was that the artist and production were both above par, which in and of itself is a victory. At 21 tracks, the main question I had by track six was: “Can this emcee keep it up?’ And the answer is…yes. Yes he can.

Soulfully, Me stays true to his monniker. Confessions Of A College is chocked full of soulful instrumentation and lyrics. There are quite a few tracks to vibe to on this release and I at least want to pay homage to a couple of them.

Dreamin’ is one of the standout tracks simply because it is so melodious. It packs a very powerful musical punch. Like so many artists, past and present, Soulfully, Me reaches for his dream and in the process he realizes that he very well may be the only person who feels the way he feels. He has the talent to achieve his goals and realistically as long as he trusts in himself he will achieve those no matter what the doubters may think or say. In addition to being adept lyrically, Soulfully, Me, provides his own hook, pulling it off brilliantly. It is brilliant because by performing his own hook it adds a more personal touch to an already personal track.

De Ja Vu is my ‘go-to’ track on this mixtape. The synth and the vocal samples slink over the drums and the subtle bass line. Meanwhile, this is a track that really shows, Soulfully, Me putting his bars together in an impressive fashion. Check it:

…I see y’all trailing behind but following my blueprint / I’m kinda ill, but man I’m just a student / I’m so beyond my years, I’m ahead of my time / See the throne y’all got is about to be mine

Lyrically, Soulfully, Me is strong. He is not dropping abstract lyricism or punchline after punchline but he is stringing his bars together with strength and consistency. The production on the mixtape, while not filled with bangin’ beats, is filled with exceptional jazzy and soul based rhythms. Because of that choice of production the mixtape has a very intimate feel to it. I think the audience here at Hip Hop Dependency will definitely appreciate what Soulfully, Me has to offer. We will be looking for the album, but enjoying the mixtape until that time. - Hip Hop Dependency


In Your Name (Single) - April 2018

The Prelude - Fall 2018



Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Soulfully, Me strived to epitomize the music that’s in his soul. When you listen to his music, you might not hear the “Memphis” in his voice, or his style. You will hear honesty, vulnerability, and an artist who struggles with reaching his purpose. After releasing a project in 2010 that landed him on 106 and Park in 2011, Soulfully, Me took a long hiatus. The hiatus was due to not having faith in his craft, and not being able to  recognize what success meant to him. The Prelude, his album due in 2018, chronicles a spectrum of topics and feelings between 2011 to now that tend to haunt him;however, he finds solace in understanding what purpose means to him as the album progresses. Soulfully, Me has been on Sway in the Morning and 106 and Park;but, what he wants more is to walk everyday in his purpose, which is creating music