Houston, Texas, USA
SoloHip Hop

I make music that’s inside of me. I make it for those who struggle to have a voice, myself included. It’s a test of faith. Come join me on this journey.

Sincerely, Soul


Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Soulfully, Me strived to epitomize the music that’s in his soul. When you listen to his music, you might not hear the “Memphis” in his voice, or his style. You will hear honesty, vulnerability, and an artist who struggles with reaching his purpose. After releasing a project in 2010 that landed him on 106 and Park in 2011, Soulfully, Me took a long hiatus. The hiatus was due to not having faith in his craft, and not being able to  recognize what success meant to him. The Prelude, his album due in 2018, chronicles a spectrum of topics and feelings between 2011 to now that tend to haunt him;however, he finds solace in understanding what purpose means to him as the album progresses. Soulfully, Me has been on Sway in the Morning and 106 and Park;but, what he wants more is to walk everyday in his purpose, which is creating music


In Your Name (Single) - April 2018

The Prelude - Fall 2018