Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Live Sounds from the Past, with a Jazzy Contemporary feel, Early 50's and to Now with sound of Etta James, Billie Holiday and new sound of Jazz from this Artist that was made to last, Original! Listen



What else can bring you closer the gates of heaven than the musical inspirations of an artist whose lyrics surpasses the towering expectations of an audience that was once filled with the awes of the vocals from our past?
Through her journey into the valleys of dry bones, she will go forth into a nation that knows her not and nations from beyond will seek her out because of a thirst for the Lord God himself. Her vocals shall be wise as a serpent and true as the word.
While enjoying the sounds of praise you find an artist who has once shared the light of the stars with such captivating artist as…
James Bignon, Dottie People, Zap Band, Babbie Mason, Zenobia White, and the list flows on just like the sounds of her heart?

With the talent of planting seeds into fertile hearts and grasping the confused and then taking a turn around to catch the tears of those lost, crying out to be found. There is such an art that can rock the sound stage of the Cotton Club in Chicago that rides the breezes at the Annual Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta and a few other enterprises that have experienced the honor of being serenaded by a siren of such:

The Gospel Fest in Atlanta, The Cotton Club-Chicago, Dove 16 SC, Atlanta Live 57, The Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards,
The Apex Museum,The Baby Grand Jazz Club
Blue Light Café’,Church Hill Ground Jazz Club
Babbies’ House channel 57,Café’ 290, Stomping At The Savoy, Atlanta Ga,
The Jazz Forum, The Jazz Loft, The Red Shoe, Jacksonville, Deland, Daytona fl, Original Music Festivals, Arts Festivals in Boca Raton fl.
And many others far beyond naming.

Born on the Westside of Chicago blessed with a talent for writing, which over the years evolved into what has now given her a profound ear for sound, Charlena has changed her words into the sweet serenade of songs. Challenging the hearts and souls that dare listen – to open up and receive GOD and his glory.

You question the essence of a Soulful psalmist? There is no other answer then the spirit of……

My Influences are Billie Holliday, Etta James, Teena Marie, Yolanda Adams, Darryl Coley and I think if you put them all together You'll find ME!

May Gods blessings fill your hearts and over take your Souls.


God Bless The Child

Written By: Billy Holiday

Them thats got shall get
them thats not shall loose
for the bible says and it still is
Mama may have, Papa may have but God will bless the child that has its own!
The strong gets more, while the weak ones fade.
Empty pockets wont ever make
the grade
Mama may have, Papa may have
but God will bless the child that has
its own.
That has its on!
Money, you've got lots of friends
crowded around your back door
but when your moneys gone and the spending it ends
they don't come around you no more, Rich relationships give
crusted bread and such, you can
help yourself but don't get to much,
Mama may have
Papa may have but God
will bless the child that has
his own.
That has his own!

Lord they simply don't have nothing, but they got there own!


My Cd "Come As You Are" is on the way!

Set List

With Band I can do 2-3, 20 minutes sets and without band I will do 2 set of 20-30 each with tracks.
Song List!
God Bless The Child
At Last
You Are So Beautiful
Because Of Who You Are
Black and Blue
My Funny Valentine
The First Time Ever I Saw Your face
Teach Me
Stormy Days
Black and Blue
The Lords Prayer
Come As You Are
Cause He Loves Me
All Of Me
He Loves Me
Wishing On a Star
Killing Me Softly
My Life
Good To Me
I Feel Like Crying
The Saints Go To Worship
His Eye Is On The Sparrow.

These Songs are just a few in my repertoire!