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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band R&B Rock


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"Indie Lovin'"

Every track has a new groove and the same impressive vocals. But there is also enough variety to keep things new and fresh throughout the album. Track three, "If I Could Forget You", goes into a lush and organic flamenco guitar solo toward the end. And the following track is a smooth and heavy blues song. [Soulganic] is groovy, solid and original. - Ultra Indie Album Reviews

"In A Nutshell"

Effortless soul/funk with a jazzy impetuous side is the sound dynamic from the band Soulganic. The new album "All Directions Forward" highlights the eclectic inspiration of this quartet. It's no wonder fans find the music fun and eagerly follow Soulganic's antics. (2007) - Debbie "Jet" Jennings, The Herald

"More Love for 'All Directions Forward'"

From start to finish, this album is an audio feast. From the fan favorite, bass line driven, opening track, to the final post-modern trippie grunge of the closing track, you'll be treated to one of the best releases this year. Expanding the limits of what soul & urban music is, McClure, Torres, McKeithan, & Rodriguez bring a sound that is both groovy & accessible without being too cheesy, as many bands who attempt the genre-blend come off. (2007) - Elliot Troper, Free Music Adviser

"Charlotte's Best New Band 2006"

WINNER Best New Band, Critics' Choice (Charlotte's Best 2006, Creative Loafing)

WINNER Best New Band, Readers' Choice (Charlotte's Best 2006, Creative Loafing)

"If you have yet to see these guys live, you’re definitely missing out. Soulganic’s sound isn’t easily labeled. It’s jazzy, but not strictly so, thanks to that pounding beat laid out by Cory McClure and Lucas Torres. However, it isn’t just Latin rhythms, either. You feel it: it’s organic, growing moment by moment with aural combinations that are pleasing to the soul. During every song, the rhythm invades your body, forcing you to take notice and dance, sway, move until it subsides or you drop (whichever happens first)." - Branna Calloway, Listings Editor, Creative Loafing Charlotte - Creative Loafing, Charlotte

"Charlotte's Best Local Male Vocalist 2006"

WINNER Best Local Male Vocalist, Critics' Choice : Anthony Rodriguez of Soulganic (Charlotte's Best 2006, Creative Loafing)

"Soulganic has been making musical waves in our neck of the woods with a blend of soulful jazz and shades of funk. Rodriguez has the NY falsetto that’s big enough to wrap around the music. Add Latin rhythms to the mix and it’s certifiably organic. Rodriguez is a snazzy bassist to boot." - Branna Calloway, Listings Editor, Creative Loafing Charlotte - Creative Loafing, Charlotte

"Love for 'All Directions Forward'"

Charlotte-area quartet Soulganic condenses its critically praised, soulful funk-blues into an intimate debut album. Anthony Rodriguez's smooth vibrato, breathy vocals and delicate upper range give the songs emotional edge and add to the album's intimate feel. The disc verges into alternative hip-hop territory on the enthralling "Smell Pt. 2", a detailed meditation on scent that features descriptive, poetic spoken word courtesy of Bluz. And "Big Black Cadillac" borrows from Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You," crossing the line between classic blues-rock and soul.

Drummer Cory McClure, guitarist Ryan McKeithan and percussionist Lucas Torres rein in their desire to stretch out and jam, which means this album lacks the loose, improvisational feel of their live shows. But it gives the listener and overview of Soulganic's groovy jams. 3 1/2 stars (out of 5 stars)"- Courtney Devores, Charlotte Observer (2007) - The Charlotte Observer

"Even More Love for 'All Directions Forward'"

All Directions Forward is a bit of a different groove than usual from this Carolina combo -- a group who work in funky Neo Soul modes, but also bring in a bit of Latin and Caribbean influences as well! The sound is relatively laidback -- played live, instrumentally, without a lot of extra beats or programming -- and the group have a vamping approach to the rhythms that sets things up nicely before the lyrics come in. The outside influences mostly show themselves in these rhythms, which open up in some relatively fresh ways. (2007) - Dusty Groove America

"Chef Soulganic"

Soulganic is in the kitchen...[mixing] smidgens of jazz, blues, rock, and funk with Latin and Caribbean influences to create a sound they hope will never be deemed cookie-cutter. Their music is umbilically connected to live show jam sessions and life experiences that mix into songs. They season their music to taste, improvising ingredients without straying from the authenticity in their name. (2007) - Performer Magazine

"Still More Love for 'All Directions Forward'"

Let us introduce Soulganic...Together they brew up an intoxicating blend of funky soul with a distinctive Latin tinge and more than a dash of blues, rock, and jazz. 'All Directions Forward'...does a fine job of recreating the club groove, especially on rock heavy tracks such as “Identity Crisis” and “Living the Life” as well as the blues tribute “Big Black Cadillac,” all featuring extended guitar solos by McKeithan. Torres, who originally hails from New York via Puerto Rico, is given free rein to demonstrate his virtuosity on congas and bongos on the up-tempo “Avonelle” and “Clouds of Yesterday” as well on the extended instrumental “Atacar” and the bossa nova styled “Time.” 'All Directions Forward' is a solid debut from a promising band, and it will be interesting to see what direction they take in the future. No doubt it will be onward and upward for this talented quartet. (2007) - Black Grooves

"Soulganic Is..."

What attracts the new fans and those who have stayed with them through their previous incarnations, is, in addition to the smooth falsetto vocals and soul grooves, the lyrics and hooks...It doesn't hurt that McClure and Torres offer a rhythmic dynamic that isn't often found on the musical landscape. While Torres brings a traditional Latin element to the band through congas, McClure, who is primarily a keyboard player, finds melody and balance on the drums. Add in the bass and vocals of Rodriguez and playful guitar work of McKeithan and you've got an amalgamation of styles that combine to form a funky, jazzy, soul collective...Their lyrics focus on the aspects of existence you may expect to find in a soul band -- love, life and all the things that go with it. (2007) - Jeff Hahne, Music Editor, Creative Loafing

"The Secret and Attraction"

The music...has a live and obviously organic feel about it. That's the secret and attraction. There's nothing here...fomularised or cliched. - Soul and Jazz and Funk (UK)


A perfected blended sound of Funk and Soul. - Soulified

"The Creation"

Soulganic...creates funky soulful grooves with a lot of rhythm. - Next Music Blog


Heavy percussion and latin grooves would be the best way to describe Soulganic. Icognito meets Carlos Santana. Imagine that! Funktastic. - Music Addikts

"Music Enthusiasts Rejoice"

Soulganic has a flow, smooth groove and energy that any music enthusiast will enjoy. - Urban Mainstream Magazine


The group may have had a buttoned-down look, but their musical sound lets it all hang out. If your soul is hungry for good music, then the sounds of Soulganic will definitely feed you. - Mingleberry

"As Real As Can Be"

Soulganic … sound[s] like some of the best soul and jazz-funk bands of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s organic music from the soul, that’s as real as it can be. - OkayPlayer


The funk syncopation of Soulganic offers the bluesy soul of old-style R&B, laced with Latin percussion. [They]…are phenomenal. - Skope Magazine

"The Cornerstone"

The four from Soulganic don’t limit themselves to Soul, they move it into a more apparent than actually identifiable influence in the musical gumbo. Rock & Funk, a trace of Jazz improvisation & inspiration, a relaxing Latin flow & rasping Blues provide the cornerstones to the Soulganic philosophy. - Soulsite (Germany)

"Ultra Indie Praise"

[Soulganic] is groovy, solid and original. - Ultra Indie Album Reviews

"Hard to Find"

It’s hard to find a band that can speak to an eclectic and diverse crowd. Their music comes close to doing just that … there’s something in that soulful funk that everyone gets. - SOTAC Magazine


All Directions Forward (LP, 2007, Self-Released)

From the Storm to the Sun (LP, digitally Self-Released on 12/15/09, CD released 2/24/10)



“We’re just trying to let the music become what it wants to become,” says Soulganic’s lead singer and bassist Anthony Rodriguez. “And wherever that takes us, that’s where we’ll go.”

The Music has been the anchor for Soulganic. From the shared exhilaration of stage performances to the insular intimacy of studio work, The Music remains the singular bond between the quartet.

From the beginning, Soulganic has always been known as a genre-bending unit, which was a reflection of the individual members. Drawing upon influences as varied as their origins (extending from New York City to Puerto Rico), Soulganic’s musical landscape quickly matured into a vivid palette of earthy hues: gritty and organic. At the core is each member’s musicality: Cory McClure on drums and keys; Ryan McKeithan handling guitars and vocals; Anthony Rodriguez carrying the lead vocal and bass responsibilities; Lucas Torres adding the signature element as percussionist.

The band's sophomore album "From the Storm to the Sun" was constructed in true independent musician fashion: written, composed, arranged, performed, produced, engineered, recorded and mixed by Soulganic. This process allowed the band's ideas to continue to grow, mature and blossom in their own unique ways.

“Hopefully,” concludes Rodriguez, “what the listener will hear is our honest expression of where we are right now as human beings and as musicians, and that’s what’s most important.”