Soul Hustle

Soul Hustle

 Sacramento, California, USA
BandHip Hop

Soul Hustle is an industry standard, professional group with a wide variety of music and a huge fan base for bieng independant artists. Soul Hustle has an excellent stage presence and is a group who knows how to work the crowd and to get people to react to their music. Soul Hustle makes hits only!


Soul Hustle of Ten9 Entertainment is an award winning group that has impacted the lives of many for years. Soul Hustle has been traveling the country performing and using there talents to show young people that there is a better way than drugs, gangs and the life that leads to nowhere. Through the power of influence through music and life style, Soul Hustle has helped changed the lives of many young people all over the country. Soul Hustle has performed many places and has shared the stage with many great people such as Grammy award winning "Vanessa Bell Armstrong", Grammy award nominee, "Flame" of Cross Movement records, E-40's sister, "Suga-T" and former WNBA superstar, "Rosie Bolton", Mali Music, Melinda Watts and Steller Award winning rapper, "Da Truth", just to name a few. In December of 2009, Soul Hustle won the California Saclive music competition, which in result has greatly increased their fan base and has given them Mainstream radio play and interviews from several different radio stations and t.v. shows. Soul Hustle has dropped their debut album, "The Influence" on January 23rd 2009, and is now currently working on their second album, "King Conscious", which will be releasing the summer of 2010.


"The Influence" (LP)
singles- J'z up/Rockstar/Fishaz of men

"Hidden Kingdom" (mixtape)
special songs- Definition of a real man/ Everything you need/Hard

Ten9 Ent New Music (EP)
singles- King of my City
Take a Picture
Wherever you go

Set List

Soul Hustle usually does a mixture of different singles within a time set of 5-15min

J'z Up-King of My City-Definition of a real man