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Wichita, Kansas, United States | MAJOR

Wichita, Kansas, United States | MAJOR
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Soulicit released their debut full length release ‘Parking Lot Rockstar’ on November 29th 2011, having worked with Brett Hestla (Creed, Framing Hanley, etc). It seems even Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx would recommend the band, based on their appearances on his radio show. What more of a recommendation do you need? Their song ‘Hell Yeah’ has been very well received in very little time, so much so it’s the recommended track to open in a new tab as you read this little piece. You can view it here.

IS: For those who have not heard of your band, how would you describe yourself and sound overall?
Darick: The Soulicit sound is best said as straight up American Hard Rock. Our sound is a direct descendant of the music we grew up on, with nods back to classic and southern rock. Our music is written to tell stories in ways people want to hear them. We write about real life and real situations that anyone from any walk of life can grab onto.

IS: How did the band first start out?
Darick: Soulicit started back in 2002 with me and a childhood buddy of mine, Dan Weaver, which is our current lead guitarist. We started out writing and rocking in an old 1930's gas station converted to a house. We both were raised on and grew up around music so it was a natural fit for us to start creating it ourselves. We used to throw huge keg parties at this house which would draw in 100's of people every night. We were still too young to get into bars and clubs so we cut our rock ‘n roll teeth in the old filling station garage. From there it just grew and grew.

IS: If you were to recommend a track to a new listener, which would you pick and why?
Darick: My personal favorite on the new record is a track called “Complicated”. It’s a tune that everyone of us can relate to in a since that life , at times, just gets complicated. Whether it be a relationship, family, health, work or anything else in our daily lives we can all relate to a time when life got complicated. It is a tune that anyone of any age and walk of life can plug in and grab onto. We have gotten some really great response with it so far.

IS: If someone was to come to their first show of yours, how would you describe your live performance?
Darick: One of the most important things to us has always been to sound as good live as whats on the record. We really pride ourselves on doing everything we can to give our live shows the sound people are expecting and came to hear. At the same time you know you are at a live Soulicit show once we take the stage and throughout the set invite the crowd to become interactive and rock with us. Our show is on your feet, hands in the air screaming “Hell Yeah”! We work to make sure the crowd is rocking as hard as we are!

IS: What are your main influences, music or otherwise?
Darick: Life is what influences us more than anything. People, places & emotions are what inspire and influence us to keep creating. Of course we all have our own musically driven influences that range from country to hip-hop and you can find bits and pieces of that in our overall style. Our fans and our families inspire us and will always be the driving force behind what we do.

IS: Where, ideally, do you want to take your music? What is there to achieve?
Darick: Our goal is to take this rock n roll ride straight to the top. We are all extremely competitive by nature so we all strive to be the very best. Whether that be rocking harder on stage, breaking into Billboard top 40, having a gold record, touring the world or any other measure of music success we strive for it all. We want to be the best and hang with the best out there. Our goal is to do this the rest of our lives at a very high level and it takes all of these things to accomplish that.

IS: What are your favorite parts of working in music?
Darick: Music is my passion and something I have wanted to call my “job” since I was a kid. I can’t fix cars, I can’t build houses, I don’t belong in an office so music was really the only thing I could do well. Writing songs I guess is my way of giving back. There is not one other job out there that I could be 100% happy and satisfied with except for music. I live it, breath it and it is who I am. To now be able to call it my “job” is an absolute dream come true!

IS: Anything you’ve done to date that you’re particularly proud of?
Darick: The last few months have been a whirl wind of great things happening for Soulicit. It all started when we signed our deal with Thermal Entertainment. From that moment we have been going 110 MPH. I am very proud of our album we recently released titled “Parking Lot Rockstar”. We worked with producer Brett Hestla and for what we needed he was the best out there so very proud of that. Something as of late we are VERY proud of is the great publicity Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue has given us. As we all know he is rock royalty and an idol to all of use and he went out on a limb for us and picked our new single “Hel -

"'Souliciting' success Radio-ready band to play at Spicoli's"

WATERLOO --- For nearly 10 years, American rockers Soulicit did shows around their Wichita, Kan., home and self-released albums and demos.

Started by two friends --- Darick Parson and Dan Weaver, both vocalists and guitarists, plus others --- the band kept plugging away, garnering attention and fans little by little.

After a mutual friend got them an introduction, they finally signed with South Carolina-based label Thermal Entertainment last year.

And everything changed.

"It's taken us from zero to 1,000 miles an hour in four months," said Parson.

Together with bassist Andrew Weaver and drummer Trent Boehner, Soulicit dropped their first album with Thermal, "Parking Lot Rockstar," produced by Creed's Brett Hestla.

Radio-ready hits like "Hell Yeah" and the power ballad "Complicated" have been finding regular rotation on radio stations ever since.

They're also just beginning their first nationwide tour with Austin rockers Anew Revolution and Dallas-based Anchored, and will stop at Spicoli's next weekend.

Musical tastes: "Me and Dan (Weaver) have grown up with music, playing music ... It was a natural fit to create things ourselves. Musically, we tag ourselves as American hard rock. We grew up on classic rock, southern rock, and you find a lot of those elements (in our songs), but at the same time we've got that hard edge of mainstream rock."

Getting started: "Basically, the very first thing we did was back in '04, a little five-song demo. Then, we self-released a full-length ourselves. ... Ironically enough, (getting Thermal's attention) was through a mutual friend of ours. He kind of slid them our music, they liked it. We played a little showcase for them in Detroit. The rest is history."

Touring with Anew Revolution: "Actually, a couple years ago we played with Anew Revolution on a local deal. Meeting those guys, they're amazing, down to earth. ... Come to find out, we hit a national tour with them. They've done this before, but it's a learning experience for us. We're looking forward to reaching out and meeting new fans like we've never had the opportunity to do before --- New York to L.A."

Anew Revolution

featuring Anchored and Soulicit - Pulse By AMIE STEFFEN,

"Whole lotta SOULICIT coming your way ,"

SOULICIT is a hard rocking band out of Kansas that is holding its own on rock radio, among the likes of Chevelle, Buckcherry and, dare I say, Nickelback? That's not to say that SOULICIT is a cookie-cutter band. With the release of their first full-length album, "Parking Lot Rock Star," and monster rock tracks like "Hell Yeah," SOULICIT proves that they have a sound all their own and they are a take-no-shit band on the way to massive success.

Band members Darick Parson (lead vocals), brothers Dan "The Danimal" Weaver (lead guitar) and Andrew Weaver (bass) and drummer Trent Boehner are bringing their hard rocking, guitar-heavy licks to Parkersburg's Sixpence Pub on Feb. 4. Darick Parson was gracious enough to answer some questions in advance of the show.


Graffiti: You guys have performed on the festival circuit with the likes of Buckcherry, FUEL, Twisted Sister and...Styx? What was that experience like?

Parson: It was an absolute blast. We have looked up to a lot of those guys for a long time so to share the stage was an honor. We LOVE playing festivals, so that, combined with some really great bands, (it) was a great time.

Graffiti: Do you often get compared to other hard rock bands on the scene nowadays and, if so, is it something you appreciate or something that gets on your nerves? How do you make sure SOULICIT stands out?

Parson: I think it's natural for anyone to relate a new song or new music to something they already know. I think its a comfort thing. So yes, we get compared to other rock acts all the time. We are OK with it because they are always comparing us to bands who are always at the top of the charts and doing things in a BIG way. So if people see us on the same plane as those guys then I take that as a compliment. We don't try to sound like anyone else we just write and play what we love. We try to stand out by writing really catchy stuff that everyone will remember.

Graffiti: I've listened to 'Hell Yeah,' 'Complicated' and 'Parking Lot Rock Star' and I get the impression that the band has many influences. Who would you count among them?

Parson: Our influences are all over the place. We all grew up on classic rock and southern rock so you can find nods to some of that old school stuff in what we do today. On the current side we like Buckcherry, Blackstone Cherry, Shinedown, Nickelback ... bands like that. In any business you want to look at what the best are doing to be successful so we do the same.

Graffiti: The lyrics to your songs, specifically 'Parking Lot Rock Star,' are very straightforward and 'tell-it-like-it-is.' Who is the primary song writer and where does the inspiration come from?

Parson: I write the lyrical content. As far as the songs as a whole I will usually have an idea for a song and will have a melody line established. I will take it to the guys and they will take it and put their own spins on it and write their own respective parts. So the final product is definitely a collective effort.

Graffiti: So you are out on the road now in support of your album, 'Parking Lot Rock Star' - How have audiences reacted to your first full-length album and live shows? Does the band enjoy being out on the road?

Parson: We have been blown away by the response so far. From fans, radio and media everyone has been very receptive to the album and feedback has been very positive. It's awesome to see that same excitement from fans at shows as well. We live to play live and are having a blast bringing the new stuff to people around the country.

Graffiti: What can people expect when you bring the show to Parkersburg on Feb. 4?

Parson: One thing we take a lot of pride in is sounding as close as possible live to what you hear on the album. We have worked very hard to make sure fans hear what they are expecting to here after listening to the album. You know you're at a live show and more so a party when we hit the stage. Our crowds are invited to be interactive with us and party as hard as we are!
- Graffiti By Erin O’Neill (

"Soulicit Impresses with Kickass Acoustic Set"

Soulicit. Remember the name, because you'll be hearing a lot of them around the nation in the next few years. The boys from Wichita, KS showed up to Reverend Jim's in Madison, WI with almost every single person wondering who the hell they were. And they left with everyone there carrying their merch and singing their songs. The most impressive part of it all was that it was an all acoustic show, so they didn't even get to present their full flying, insanely energetic stage show to the hard-to-impress rockers of Madison.

When they started playing their first song, you could feel a sense of uncertainty throughout the crowd. You know, the typical opening act murmurs of "Who the hell are these guys?" or the typical, "Time for a beer and a smoke until the headliners are on." But this time it was different; the people there that started to stir and scatter, slowed down when they heard what started screaming from the amplifiers. One song, two songs; as each song played you could see the audience taking a grasp of what they were hearing.

Soulicit presented the lucky attendees with an acoustic version of their undeniably addictive rock swagger accompanied by their on-stage persona and charm. Lead man Darick Parson connected the audience with the band, by joking and playing around on stage, while making sure to pay tribute to his incredibly talented band mates. They made you feel as if you were friends with these guys for years and you were hanging out in their basement drinking beer and playing around with a guitar, bass, mic and a drum set. It's incredibly rare to see the type of powerful rock n' roll hook combined with a personable stage presence that just draws the audience in and keeps them begging for more. Soulicit had it all.

By the end of the show, the same people that were asking "Who the hell are these guys?" or were heading for the beer or cigarettes were now asking a different question, "Where do I buy their CD?!" It was amazing just to see the transition from the beginning of the show to the end, how Soulicit went from complete strangers to the audiences newest favorite band.

Lead Guitarist Dan Weaver, has a sound between southern rock and blues, yet he still manages to pull of the hard rock grit when he needs to. His has a rare talent to blend his sound perfectly with the rhythm of the song yet he can turn it up and rock your face off in a blink of an eye. Drummer Trent Boehner and bassist Andrew Weaver serve as the heart and soul of the band's sound, carrying the beats and tempo like it's their life's mission. Soulicit is an incredibly talented band that has artists that just seem to 'get it.' If you love music, good times and good people, this is absolutely your music.

Just do me a favor, check out their Facebook page and listen to any of their songs, and see if you can not get it caught in your head. It's impossible. They have more hook than a fishermen's tackle box. Check them out and you can thank me later! - Hard-Rock-Reviews Written by Aaron Manogue

"Soulicit Parking Lot Rockstar Album Review"

Soulicit released in November 2011, a high quality debut album Parking Lot Rockstar (through Thermal Entertainment) produced by Brett Hestla (Dark New Day, Creed, Virgos Merlot).

Their track Hell Yeah ! is currently played on the radio. Don’t hesitate to request it.

It is a very pleasant enjoyable listening experience, recently discovered through Steve Salz ‘s show on 95 WIIL Rock that I highly recommend especially for music lovers.

Most songs stand out. Every track features a sublime singing voice from Darick Parson (and also an excellent rhythm guitar) – he has a beauty of tone ; richly expressive, that appeals to you immediately - backed up by a heavy and harmonious rhythm section (Dan Weaver – Lead Guitar / Vocals, Trent Boehner – Drums/Backup Vocals, Andrew Weaver – Bass Guitar / Vocals) extremely contagious and impressive. The content of the lyrics is also,up to your expectations.

Upon the first listen, you feel that this band has this little extra to make them different.

From beginning to end, the band showcases a passionate blend of melodic hard and classic rock. They deliver a music, loaded with energy that hooks you instantly. A perfect example of this is the upbeat radio single, Hell Yeah, the anthem ballad Complicated or You are the Song (without hesitation, my first favorite) which could become a classic. Other highlights include To Cold To Pray and the beautiful rock track, Sticks and Stones <- fall in love with this song.

It is also clear that Hell Yeah was a perfect choice to create a strong impression among the listeners. The rest of the album will not disappointed you. It is super badass. From rockin’ Beauty Queen, the southern rock anthem Parking Lot Rockstar to the catchy Blow Me Away (that contains crunchy riffs), this record becomes, at the end, a great musical drug.

In conclusion, Soulicit Parking Lot Rockstar is a stellar debut with memorable hooks. This is not the kind of album you forget easily. A four-piece band to follow. It is worthy of your interest. Spread the word. Totally seduced by them. Why not You ? Highly recommended. For music lovers.

"Latest Soulicit live show review"

Finally, Soulicit took the stage. This was the first time I had ever seen them and had no idea what to expect. Faced with the unenviable task of following a band as dynamic and powerful as Flaw, many bands might have caved under the pressure. Soulicit, however, is no shrinking violet. They brought with them an energetic and tight set of catchy songs, any number of which is radio-quality. It never ceases to amaze me the depth of talented bands we have here in Wichita. I was especially impressed by the playing of the lead guitarist, who launched into several intricate, yet tasteful solos and embellishments on riffs. Apparently, I was not alone as I noticed guitarist Andy Russ of Flaw (an impressive axeman in his own right) admiring what Dan was doing. I have to say that some of the songs sounded the same to me, but after purchasing Soulicit’s CD “The Right Time” (also only 5 bucks) it became apparent to me that there is a lot of diversity in the band’s music. There were some technical issues with one of the on-stage monitors that became a bit of a distraction for the vocalist, but other than that, Soulicit delivered a solid performance which did a nice job of closing out an exceptional evening. Any doubts about the legitimacy of the Wichita music scene should be put to bed after this badass Thursday night rock extravaganza. Live music is alive and well my friends. Keep up the good work!

Five out of Five stars - TBA WICHITA

"New Standard Of Rock and Roll"

Get ready WORLD, Soulicit is HERE...Last night I had the pleasure of hearing a band that gave me Goosebumps...Yes I said goosebumps...As an old hippy and concert goers as a kid growing up I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing a lot of bands and musicians in my time...But last night brought back the memories of the bands from the 60's and 70's that I grew up with...Driving lyrics...Clean precise rhythms...It doesn't get any better than that...Yes it DOES...Besides meeting the band members...Getting to know their fans was also a big treat...The band members, Darick Parsons vocals has a voice and tone you don't see to much anymore where you can actually understand what he is singing about...His vocals go out to hit your mind, body and soul...With command of the stage and audience Darick gives you a performance that you will talk about for a long time to come...Andrew Weaver bass player with the THUNDER of the gods in his corner gives you an earth shaking tone and performance like no other bassist I have heard in a long time...Don't get me wrong there are great bassists out there but last night was a dream for me to be right there when the thunder rolled in...Daniel Weaver makes playing lead guitar seem so easy...His riffs and string bending are blinding...Here is a young musician that takes his part of the band to levels that would make a mainstream concert and label sit up and take notice...When the good Lord gave Craig Beebe his assignment in life to be percussionists HE did good...REAL GOOD...Being the tempo and as I like to say the BLASTFURNACE of the band Craig could communicate with a deaf person and he or she would know what he was trying to say with his skins beating out the tempo and setting a course of rhythmic heartbeats...Now for a member of the band that doesn't get enough recognition that's the sound and light man...Brian Silvers...Soulicit's 5th member. He does it all. From helping set up and tare down to recording live practices. He is a sound tech, stagehand and mobile studio. Recently he has even been under the wing of Craig learning how to run a board and the ins and outs of studio recording. A true utility man always helping out whenever help is needed...It just doesn't get any better than this...If you get the chance to see this band DO IT, you wont be disappointed...I sure wasn't...THESE GUYS ROCK… - Mechanicsville Online Radio

"Up and Coming Stars"

A band from Kansas? Yes, I was leery. Was I really gong to deflower my website review page with a band from Kansas? I mean, the last thing I remember hearing about Kansas was something about witches, shoes, munchkins and a wizard. Well, someone's been keeping a secret...apparently there's LOTS of talent in Kansas and it's name is Soulicit. The first thing I noticed, was the drummer, Craig. He's got some serious talent. He plays with a fluidity that can't be missed. Then, I noticed the lyrics. My favorite song, lyrically, was Memories. After listening to that song three times in a row, I decided that this song was written by someone who knew what they were talking about. When Darick sings, "Please don't marry him because I loved you first and I love you still", I felt his pain. Either he went through the situation he sings of or he's excellent at singing so passionately that he makes us believe that's the case. Either way, the song is musically put together very nicely. Regress and This One's on You follow right behind as great songs. This band's tight. The Soulicit website states that they're taking some time off from performing live so that they can work on their CD. I expect to be seeing it on store shelves soon! Go see their website. I guarantee you that Darick, Andrew, Craig and Dan will leave you wanting more. Let me put it another way...I could be listening to any music while I type this review. My music of choice at the moment are the tracks that Soulicit so kindly put on their website for all of us to hear. All I know for sure is that it's only a matter of time before Soulicit will be on tour performing at an arena nearby. I, for one, plan to get on their mailing list so that I know firsthand just when that day will be! - Rockstar Music Lounge


Soulicit CD Releases:
1. Right Time - 12 Song CD
Released May 2009

2. Parking Lot Rockstar - 10 Song CD
Release November 2011
Produced by Brett Hestla of Creed/Dark New Day

Single Releases
1. You Are the Song” November 2010
2. “Blow Me Away”. November 2010
3. Hell Yeah January 2012

Since release the singles have remained at the top of online Modern Rock charts earning them a number of accolades including: #1 in Modern Rock charts on, 5 Top 10 Finishes, 4 Top 40 Finishes, and Reached 4th in Best of Rock in 2011.

Hell Yeah has broken into the Top 40 Active Rock and TOP 30 Mainstream Rock Chartson MediaBase.

Major Distribution: Thermal/MegaForce



American Hard Rockers SOULICIT have found themselves on a 110 MPH thrill ride to mainstream rock n’ roll in just a matter of months. Sharing festival main stages with names like Buckcherry, FUEL, FLAW, Anew Revolution, Pop Evil, Texas Hippie Coalition, Twisted Sister & Styx the SOULICIT sound is truly on a national level. In September of 2011 SOULICIT inked a deal with Thermal Entertainment based out of Greenville, SC. The work began immediately as the band wrapped up recording their first full length label release titled “Parking Lot Rockstar” (produced by Brett Hestla of Dark New Day, Creed, Virgos Merlot) which was released 11/29/2011. 2012 will put SOULICIT on the road in support of the new record bringing them to cities across the country. In February of 2012 the band wrapped up their winter touring schedule as part of the Holiday Hangover Tour with Anew Revolution and Anchored. Immediately thereafter the band set out on their ownnheadlining tour, Welcome to Hell Yeah tour. With over 60 dates including major festival performances like Rocklahoma, 98 Rockfest and South by Southwest, SOULICIT is taking their breed of American Hard Rock to new fans across the country. Comprised of lead vocalist Darick Parson, lead guitarist R. Roll, bassist Kevin Parrow & drummer Trent Boehner, SOULICIT brings years of experience to the stage with numerous national tours under their belts.

In October of 2010 SOULICIT released 2 singles from the debut album with Thermal Entertainment. The singles “You Are the Song” and “Blow Me Away”. Since release the singles have remained at the top of online Modern Rock charts earning them a number of accolades including: #1 in Modern Rock charts on, 5 Top 10 Finishes, 4 Top 40 Finishes, and Reached 4th in Best of Rock in 2011. Since the official full album release the anthem like hard rock single "Hell Yeah" and emotional power ballad "Complicated" have both been impacting radio around the nation. You can find SOULICIT in regular rotation on a number of terrestrial radio stations around the country as well as online radio stations around the globe. Most recently SOULICIT was added to Sirius XM Octane’s playlist in regular rotation. In early 2012 Soulicit's debut single "Hell Yeah" broke into Top 40 on the charts and was played by names like Nikki Sixx (Sixx Sense) and Lou Brutus (Hard Drive). The video for "Hell Yeah' cracked 100,000 views in a matter of weeks and continues to climb. Gaining some major national attention the video for “Hell Yeah” was played at the 2012 Super Bowl along with countless professional sports stadiums and arenas around the country. You can find the video played in Bally's, Gold's Gym, Powerhouse, and Lifestyle Fitness; Brunswick Bowling Alleys (200); and Skating Rinks. Big things are happening right now in the world of SOULICIT and you can hear the buzz building from coast to coast.