San Francisco, California, USA

8000lbs of stainless steel mayhem.SITM is an electronic music performance act which combines music, technology and sculpture. The instruments are fabricated in house and infused with custom circuitry, enabling the band to create a one of a kind show which is uniquely visual as well as aural.


Soul in the Machine is a live electronic band composed of custom, hand made, stainless steel instruments which double as MIDI controllers and contain custom LED lighting technology. The instruments and band were created by Henry Chang and Erik Stauber, back in 1999. At that time, Chang and Stauber were jazz musicians and when Chang went to a rave style event for the first time, he realized for the first time how impactful electronic dance music was in a club/concert setting and saw the opportunity to enhance the presentation of the genre by adding traditional-style musicianship to the cutting edge sounds of the Digital Age.

For several years Chang and Stauber and Scott Bell worked on instruments that allowed performers the full breadth of expression and yet still integrated seamlessly with the digital precision of electronic music. It took five years of development before they were ready to play the first show in 2004. The current instruments are: a 2 octave laserharp which signals the synth to trigger a note when a beam is interrupted, an organically shaped, stainless steel tree full of drums, an electronic marimba with glowing resonators, and sculpted stainless costumes for the singers/musicians constitute some of the set pieces for a performance.