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"Band has soul to spare"

Band has soul to spare

Soulise. Jackie Bennett, flanked by Brad Daniels and Dave Simpson, are three of the four members of Soulise, which performs in Aurora Friday. STAFF PHOTO/STEVE SOMERVILLE

Details on upcoming shows:
• WHEN: Friday, 7:30 p.m.
• WHERE: Trinity Anglican Church, 79 Victoria St.
• WHEN: Sunday, 3 p.m.
• WHERE: Holland Landing United Church, 16 School St., East Gwillimbury
From song to story, local band Soulise brings the sound of Bethlehem to life.
The band is comprised of Aurora residents Jackie Bennett, who the vocalist and songwriter, Dave Simpson, who plays guitar, and Newmarket residents Brad Daniels, who plays bass guitar, and Dooner, who plays electric guitar.
They specialize in spiritual and inspirational music, playing a mixture of original and traditional songs with a Celtic, folk and country flair.
Last month, the band released its second CD, Star so Bright, a Journey of Faith.
The CD is a compilation of songs that tell the story about a woman in biblical times who travels to Bethlehem for Jesus’ birth.
Along with music, concert patrons are invited to share this woman’s journey through a written story.
“It’s refreshing to hear a woman’s point of view during those times,” said Ms Bennett, who wrote the songs and the accompanying story.
“Of course, women would have been there, but you don’t hear about them. Back then, you didn’t write about women.”
The story follows the main character through her faith journey as she seeks answers to life’s largest questions.
“We are always looking for answers,” Ms Bennett said. “We’re not here to solve people’s problems or be preachy. We’re here to tell a story and hope people reflect upon it.”
The story is not a nativity story, it merely takes place at the same time. Although this fictitious story is set in biblical times, it tells of a journey relevant today.
“This story is for anyone and all levels of faith,” Mr. Daniels said.
“We all have doubts and we all question our faith when we are deciding what the right thing to do is.”
Music is combined with the story to add another depth to the performance. The same holds true for the musicians.
“Wherever you’re sitting in the pews, you’re focused on what’s going on,” Mr. Simpson said.
“This brings another layer of the onion, a deeper understanding. As a musician, you invest more of yourself into the performance because you can see how it touches those in the audience.”
Soulise also performs for church services and private concerts.
For more information visit
- The Banner

"Story told from woman’s perspective"

Dec. 2010

Does the world really need another Christmas story? Jackie Bennett thinks so. She’s created “Star So Bright: A Journey of Faith”, a presentation in narrative, song and music of the biblical story from a woman’s perspective.
The main character, Naomi, is called by God to go to Bethlehem during a time when women did not travel on their own. With great courage and faith, Naomi does as she is asked, and discovers not only a miracle, but also her purpose in life.
“Although this fictitious story is set in biblical times, it tells of a journey that is relevant today as we all search for where we belong and how our faith leads us there,” says Ms. Bennett.
The story is read by women from the congregation, and is interspersed with songs by the band Soulise. Ms. Bennett is also the lead singer of Soulise, which specializes in spiritual and inspirational music. Over the past six years the band has played throughout York Region, providing music for church services and special events.
A performance and CD launch of “Star So Bright: A Journey of Faith” was planned for All Saints, King City, on Nov. 27. To book a performance for your church, call 905-751-3251 or email
- The Anglican - Canada

"Music comes with message without being preachy: singer"

June 12, 2007 12:50 AM

Patrick Mangion, Staff Writer
Jackie Bennett’s story of an aspiring musician is not unlike other dream chasers, abandoning a steady job for the unforgiving waters of the music industry; except for one important detail.

Don’t expect to see her bandmates perform their debut album, Soulise, in a seedy, poorly lit downtown music hall.

One of her favourites among the 11 track independent CD, completed last month, is How You Want to be Remembered.

The song is inspired by an overwhelming outpouring of respect and emotion displayed at a friend’s funeral.

“We’re not exactly bar material,” said the 46-year-old Aurora resident and former elementary school music teacher.

“We’re not overtly religious. The songs have a positive message,” Ms Bennett said.

For the logistics of music industry brass, they are adult contemporary pop.

But their style defies convention, Ms Bennett said.

“It’s the genre when they don’t know where to put you.”

She is a longtime choir member at the local Trinity Anglican Church and former Aurora citizen of the year in recognition of her volunteer program bringing music the region’s elementary schools.

Bass player Rob Layton, on the other hand, plays in a local rock band. It was Ms Bennett’s daughter who played musical matchmaker, introducing her mother to two of her friend’s fathers who play guitar.

For the Ottawa native, the process of song-writing, booking studio time with a professional producer and ensemble of talented musician, is far removed from her high school days in Toronto when she tried out for the school choir on a whim.

“I didn’t even know I could sing. I don’t know why I tried out for the choir,” she said.

The mother of two girls graduated from Queen’s University’s music and drama programs, where she was a voice major.

“I always wanted to be in a band. I’ve written a lot of music and I just got to the point where if I didn’t do it, I never would.”

- Era Banner

"Carleton Place Singer Scores First CD"

Former Carleton Place and Beckwith resident Jackie Bennett, now a teacher and noted singer and song writer in the Toronto area, has recently advanced her musical career with the issuance of her first CD.
Jackie Bennett, daughter of Cliff Bennett and of local historical writer Carol Bennett and step-daughter of Lynda Bennett, grew up in Beckwith Township and received her public school education in Caldwell Public School, Carleton Place, where she gained a good grounding in choir singing. A secondary student of Bishop Strachan Girls School in Toronto, she continued her musical career while singing with the Bishop Strachan choir, with noted performances in England and Scotland, the Hummingbird Centre and the CN tower in Toronto. Jackie went on to obtain her BA in drama and music at Queens University in Kingston.
Currently living in Aurora, Ontario, Jackie also sang and danced in the opening ceremonies for the Skydome in Toronto, was a choir member and soloist with Trinity Anglican Church choir in Aurora for 10 years and performed at various churches and coffee houses as a soloist and lead singer with her band Soulise. Jackie was producer, director and musical director for several local stage shows including Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz through the Newmarket Mainstreet Theatre company. She has directed over ten musicals at local schools and has helped create and stage historical musical evenings for Hilary House in Aurora. She also wrote original music for McCrea’s poem "In Flanders Fields" which is available on the national web site of the Royal Canadian Legion.
Jackie Bennett’s repertoire consists of contemporary spiritual songs, many for which she composed both words and music. What drove Bennett to writing her own music? "There's no real answer for that", replied the musician, "A song comes into my mind and I put it down. I think the first official song I wrote was a Christmas duet for my friend and I to sing. I wrote it because I couldn't find a duet to sing that I liked."
Jackie formed her own band under the name of Soulise, an adult contemporary band performing spiritual music. Their CD, named "Hope Will Shine Bright" has a selection of original and cover songs with musical influences ranging from pop to Celtic. Titles range from "I Am Only", "How Do I Want To Be Remembered" , "Take My Hand" and "Will You Forgive Me". The CD was produced by Seppo Salminen of RNM Productions, Toronto and is available locally in Carleton Place at New Beginnings, Christian Music and Book Store, Bridge Street, next to the Heritage Inn.
Jackie Bennett can be reached at and her website for more information and CD sales is

- The Record News EMC Smith Falls August 9, 2007


CD- Hope Will Shine Bright May 2007
CD- Star So Bright: A Journey of Faith 2010
story- Star So Bright- A Journey of Faith 2010



Soulise performs music with lyrics that speak to the heart and melodies that warm the soul. While spiritual music is our specialty, we have an extensive repertoire of other music appropriate for non religious venues such as festivals etc.

The band members have strong and diverse musical backgrounds, with a wide range of experience and collective versatility. They enjoy performing in many venues, from churches to coffee houses. Their first CD is a collection of spiritually inspiring songs, ranging from Celtic to Folk influences.

The name soulise came from the band’s decision to have a name that reflected the personality and dreams of lead singer Jackie. As her first name is Lise, the two thoughts were blended to create soulise, the soul of Lise.

“This band offers a voice that has been missing through all the high powered, less rooted electronic synthesis of the genre.”

“The songs are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

“Her voice is as clear as a bell on every cut and she has found a way in her lyrics to put simply and directly the big questions that dog us all.”