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We are a ministry which advances the Gospel message through the median of Hip Hop.


In 2002, Soulistic began to blaze the trails of North Carolina establishing a form of music known today as "Holy Hip Hop." From performing at "Black Tie" events to talent shows, Soulistic continues to make a name for themselves. Their Primary agenda is to advance the Gospel message through the medium of Hip Hop, and they do just that.
You have to see them for yourself to get a heart thumbing, adrenaline rush of their reality. This diverse crew will achieve their goal and entertain you in the process.


Single: Sunshine (released in March of 2003)
EP: The Dynamic EP (released in July of 2005)
These songs are played on local stations in North Carolina and streamed over the internet from UNC @ Greensboro.

Set List

Generally our set is 15 to 35 minutes with original songs such as Oh Lord!, Elevation, Bidi-Bop-Bop, Holy Ghost Party, Temptation, and ~Woosah~