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Soulja is known as the underground rebel of rap music. With a Rap/Rock vibe, hard hitting beats and explicit flow. Soulja holds nothing back and is inspired too continue to make the best music no-matter the topic.


I began to write music in my middle school years. I would record after school with some friends on my direct-to-tape player Karaoke Machine. I did it only for the love of music, with no concern about what i felt was "hot" or "club music". Over the years i began to take things more serious, i joined a two-man group and we recorded a album in highschool which never got released, but became the foundation to my music career. I went solo in 2007 and began recording for my debut album which after a handfull of delays, and setbacks is now set for release march first 2009. I have always been inspired by underground and indie music. From Koopsta Knicca and Tech N9ne too Devin the dude and C-Murder. I always felt you could connect to the music you listen to better if the artist is just that. An artist. Someone who still lives what they speak about and is still hungry for their passion. My debut album Rough Draft was my final title when i realized that this album is just that. I record on a low-budget. Mix my own tracks, write my own tracks and am still trying to find my voice in a sense. I feel like this is the begining of what can only get bigger and am trying to tell my story in all ways.


Singles currently out (From the upcoming debut release "Rough Draft" )
She Got Dat (oompa)
Freak Bit#%

Set List

During a live preformance i can do anything from 1-2 Song appearances for clubs or for opening acts and shows up to 7 songs .
Appearance Shows (1-2 songs)
1. Smoked Out
2. She Got Dat

1. Trouble Maker
2. Freak Bit#$
3. She Got Dat
4. Do Ya Thang
5. Club Rat
6. Walk On
7. Smoked Out