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Soulja Boyz

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Poo Deezy - "We on fire! Our lyrics tight, our tracks tight, we got music for da ladies to make 'em bounce, music for da fellows in da streets who thuggin..." O-Dogg - "Hot producin', hot lyrics, we headed to the top - ya know!"


Born and raised in the Dirty South, on the streets of Lake Charles, Louisiana (The Boot), Ashley Celestine (Poo Deezy) and Stephen Johnson (O-Dogg) have known each other since their early childhood years. They acquired a passion for rap and hip-hop music as teenagers, listening to such artists as Too Short, UGK, The Geto Boys, Scarface, Master P, 2 Pac, Mystikal, and Cash Money. Building their own record label, Dirty Water Records, the Soulja Boyz (SBG's) have developed a strong local and online fan base with such songs as "Keep it Hot", "Big Ballin", "Lay Low", "Our Life" and "Cash Hunter". The Soulja Boyz now reside in Houston, Texas, but say they will still "represent the Boot to the fullest". With their fire lyrics, they are sure to make a name for themselves in the hip-hop industry.


* Underground Album - "War Time" released in 1999 - 16 tracks

* Underground Album - "Platinum in the Closet" released in 2003 - 12 tracks

* 1 track ("Lights Off") previously featured on 97.9 KBXX "Straight from the Streets" local music program

* 3 additional tracks ("Bad Braud/Sucka Braud", "Ca$h Hunter", "The Streets") can currently be heard online at

* Past concert performance can also be viewed online at

* 3 new tracks currently in circulation to the local DJs, clubs, and radio stations