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Soul Jacob


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The best kept secret in music


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Four Track CD Promo called "Monies Disease"


Feeling a bit camera shy


A cold winterday in Sweden, december 1985, the world gave birth to a new soulstar - Jacob. Born into a family filled with jazz and soul made Jacob realize what life was worth living for. His parents discovered soon a musical talent and sent their eight year old son to music school. All the way it was about music; listening to music, playing music and learning music. Listening to Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder and many jazz pianists made it easy for Jacob to find his way through music. Taking piano lessons and singing to his records made Jacob grow into a real musician very fast.

Today Jacob's writing music to big television-shows for Swedish Television, recording new soul and r&b hits everyday. And in between he's playing piano at several events. Through the years Jacob has played in many bands and with many great musicians in Sweden. He has also played piano behind many singers such as September, a famous swedish disco-singer and also Tomas Svensson, the swedish handball goalkeeper.

Summer of 2005, Jacob recorded his promotion-CD called Moneys' Disease, which is a four-track CD filled with soul, funk and a little bit of jazz. Talking about how the world is upside-down with all the people going around with a dollar bill as their blindfold, Jacob wants to change things. The purpose with the promo was to get people aware of Jacob's music and his big talent, free of charge released only on the internet. Downloaded by thousands of visitors it has been successful, many record labels and other people have contacted Jacob to show him their appriciation and give him their offers. Many shows are booked in the future and more and more hear about this swedish soulstar.

Jacob says he's tired of the music industry in Sweden with all the pop and the ignorance for soul and r&b. That's why he's got all eyes opened to the west - the US. Bringing back the funk, the live instruments and the love to a destroyed world is the mission and Jacob will not fail. Wonderful melodies over beautiful harmonics, all with a unique live sound takes you beyond today's music. The young, the old, everyone got to be ready to be fascinated of this voice. He's a boy with a silk, smooth voice and a sensational mind of songwriting, and his name is Jacob.