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God's Army has a new Drill Sergeant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Floetic Gospel rap artist and Pastor, SOULJA (Serving Only Under Lord Jesus Amen), evokes an array of spiritual moods and emotions with everything from Hip Hop to R&B to Gospel on his debut cd Genesis A.D. A compilation of a dozen original songs, all of which SOULJA wrote and produced, the aptly titled Genesis A.D. is a unique array of Gospel with elements of R&B & Hip Hop that powerfully demonstrate his versatility as both a songwriter, producer and recording artist. The emotion of the music on Genesis A.D. serves as a direct reflection of who SOULJA is and where he has been. A native of California who now resides in Salt Lake City, SOULJA is a man with a devout religious and passionate love of God. Once a soldier in the United States Army and now a SOULJA in the Army for Christ, he credits his family, friends, faith, and now his fans, as contributing factors in his music, and God with his sense of purpose, all of which lay the foundation to his songs. "I am truly blessed to have the gift of music in my life and to be able to share it and my love of Christ with others. I was on the verge of giving up completely. It was then, and only then—when I was nearing nothing, that I truly felt God was up to something." Though the vibes may vary, the themes throughout the CD are universal. Such is the case with the song One Voice One Mission, a song that SOULJA wrote about trying to do what God has called him to do versus what others believe God has called him to do, something that every Christian can relate to. The track Open Me Up deals with the ever-popular relationship struggle in marriages, where what you thought you were going to be before you got married has changed due to finances, children, and spiritual beliefs. “I asked God to Open Me Up so that I could see, live, and love better. So I could think more clearly about what I needed to do to help my marriage withstand the trials and tribulations of life.” Accused of being a dreamer, SOULJA also proves to be a realist…"I am not out to change the world," says SOULJA. "I merely want to affect people through my lyrics, my music, my performances…just as God affected me…and hey, I am still just a saint under construction I don’t have it all figured out. God has granted me a gift and expects me to use it to glorify His name. For so many years I used it as a tool of self-gratification and for many years my hard work yielded nothing. However, I am living proof that God’s Word does not come back empty. All I can say to those who are struggling is Let go & Let God. That’s what I had to do, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.” Recorded in Salt Lake City for independent label G-Squad Entertainment Records, Genesis A.D. was generated through the combined efforts of SOULJA and a select few talented vocalists. One need only to listen to the words of SOULJA’s song, aptly titled SOULJA, to gain further insight into his concept on music, business, and his life. SOULJA, groomed and raised in the military, felt the most profound statement in the bible to govern his life by is, “Be strong in the Lord and in His Mighty Power. Put on the Full Armor of God.” Ephesians 6:10-18


Genesis A.D. 2003
Out Of The Darkness 2007