Soul Jones

Soul Jones

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A polished and professional Hip Hop / Soul group with 2 male & 1 female vocalists. The music is catchy, positive and dug by all ages. Lani is a former TV Star, LS a pro boarder and Vibe has opened for Meth, Sean Paul & Lloyd Banks. They are musical, They are LIVE on stage, They are Soul Jones.


L.S. : A Semi-professional snowboarder and Quicksilver / New Era model. Latest album has sold 1,200+ copies in Barrie.

iLLvibe : Member of Barrie's Super group L.O.D Development and performed alongside dozens of famous acts.

Lani Billard : Former TV Star, played "Busy" on Ready or Not.

The group has recently come together as Soul Jones. The music is upbeat, positive and catchy.

With hundreds of performances under the belt collectively, this group is practiced and precise on stage.


iLLvibe - The Jacked Album
LS - All in Time
LS - In This Life

Soul Jones - New LP, in the studio now

iLLvibe's "Extra iLL" received radio play in Canada, US, and Australia

Set List

Accapella vocal intro
Soul Fly (Original)
But for Now remix into "He Got Game" (Cover/Remix)
That Summer (Original)
Thoughts Connect(Original)
They Cant(Original)
In The End (Original)
Accapella Outro

Sets are usually 25-30 mins but we have done many with more or less.