What goes on in the Soulkitchen? Makin da funk. First you take some funky drums, drop in a pinch of some deep bass, drop in some keys, Add a lead singer that gets the crowd bumpin', and heat it up with a Memphis horn section. Serve-caution-- this might make you lose control, dance, sway your hips.


with influences from jazz, funk, blues, latin, gospel, and R & B, Soulkitchen can entertain any crowd with their smooth grooves, funk, and crowd interaction. Soulkitchen always tries to get the audience involved. Quentin Smith, both lead vocalist and drummer will step out and joke with the audience about relationships. "Hey Come and Rock With Us" is the band's opener that gets the crowd ready with the funk chant that starts with the deep funk slap bass of Brian Miller, which leads into the entire band chanting "Hey hey ay". Phil Adair's genius playing is way ahead of his years. His laid back, yet cool approach is genuine. The horn section and backup vocalists consist of twin brothers from Memphis, Tn. The Noel Brothers, Willis and Willie. Their natural instinct for one another's harmony is a special thing that is the secret ingredient in Soulkitchen.


Soulkitchen EP. available upon request

Set List

Originals- Hey Come and Rock With Us (funk), Cold Sweat (laid back groove), Do You Get Down(afro/secondline), "Natasha" (jazz, R & B), AE Shuffle (new orleans), Call you Mine (R & B, pop), The Experience (R & B)
covers- erykah badu "back in the day", "bag lady", Michael Jackson "Can't Help It", Common "be", The JBs "Pass the Peas", Herbie Hancock, "Chameleon", Meters "Cissy Strut".
Many various jazz and pop standards.