Soul Lip

Soul Lip


Looking for something new from the current local music scene from a versatile band? Looking to have a good time at a show? Looking for musicians who can play their instruments? Looking to chill to an acoustic set? Looking to rock hard? Thankfully, You have found Soul Lip.


Originally formed in late 2003, Soul Lip quickly began winning over crowds with their emotionally intense brand of hook-laden heavy alternative rock. The core of the band consists of a trio of incredibly talented musicians and songwriters in brothers Mike and Garrett Clagett (lead guitar and drums, respectively) and their lifelong friend Ben Pierce (guitars). After the departure of their original bassist in early 2004, talented bassist Jean Finstad joined the group and solidified the band's powerful rhythm section.....
When the band parted ways with their initial lead singer, Ryan James stepped in, bringing with him a stong voice and dynamic range.

Together with their new bandmates, the original trio is putting the wraps on their upcoming debut album "Tainted," which is set for release in early 2006.

Since beginning playing shows around the DC Metro area, the newly completed line-up has drawn widespread acclaim from venue operators, fans, and fellow musicians. With an ever-expanding fanbase and an intense live show, Soul Lip appears to be primed and ready for major success. This is a band with shows you surely don't want to miss.

DimeBag Darrell, Metallica, Creed, Flaw, Cold, The Used, and many more.

Soul Lip has been played on:
101.1 - DC101's Local Lix
97.9 - 98Rock Noise in the Basement
105.7 - WHFS Locals Only Radio
91.9 - KCSS

Soul Lip is one of those bands that has had alot of underground talk about them in the DC/Maryland local music scene. They have played with the likes of The Speaks, Junkfood, Eat Your Neighbors and others. They have performed at The State Theater, TT Reynolds, Firehouse Grill, The Velvet Lounge, DC9, Firehouse Cue, and the Brass Monkey.
And with your help they will be playing the 9:30 Club!

Soul Lip is looking to expand their music to Pennsylvania, New York, and southern Virginia.



Written By: Garrett Clagett

It’s you I despise, your mouth’s full of lies
The love that we lack’s a stab in the back
Am I the disgrace for losing my place?
I stumble slowly
You sit on the fence with no consequence
Just make up your mind or be left behind
The feel of mistrust that comes from the lust
Causing us to move slow.

Her sorrow lies lightly around her
Trying to wake from a broken dream
Open hands grasp what’s out of reach
Her story is not what it seems

Your judgment of me, it tears at the seams
Pulling us apart, we’re doomed from the start
You don’t know what’s best, so end the unrest
That hangs on your head
The words in my head must never be said
But stay in my skin again and again
They’re making me be the person you see
Causing us to move slow

Gun Shy

Written By: Ryan Miller

Dodging bullets in this firefight
As I hold to everything I thought I knew was right
I never wanted any more from life
Than to see you held accountable for all this strife
Kill the unborn, let the guilty run free
Sit down, shut up
You know that nothing is for free

It’s your awakening, pay for the pain you bring
Your whole system is flawed
Based on hypocrisy, you never learned to let it be
Yet you call reason your god.

Your blurry, self-righteous eye
Jaded tongue spitting half-truths, selling lies
You’ve built your doctrine on foundations of sand
So easily destroyed by the rational hand
Suppress, oppress all those who don’t agree
Open-minded fascist is contradictory


Written By: Garrett Clagett

You hold it so closely
Try to ignore
Everything has been found
There’s nowhere to explore
Although it’s unwanted
You call it a prize
You can lie to yourself
Or stare with blinded eyes

Moving so slowly
Dragging a stone
This reality
Is not for me.

It’s narrow but simple
A lock with no key
You light the candle
That gives off no heat
Now you’re put in your place
So take off your crown
Hold on to what you have
And never put it down


"Tainted" LP released May 2006

101.1 - DC101 - "Novice"
91.9 - KCSS (California) - "Tainted"
97.9 - 98Rock - "Tainted"
105.7 - WHFS - "Gunshy"

Set List

The Last Time
I Want to Know (IWTK)
Gun Shy
The Moment

"18" - Creed
"Since you been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson
"Beds are Burning" - Midnight Oil
"Enter Sandman" - Metallica
"Deny" - Default
"Praise" - Sevendust

* Typical set is 45 min to one hour in length
* Sets can range up to 2 hours long