Soul Liquor

Soul Liquor


A double shot of a rebirth of soul blended smooth with the return of rock & roll. Soul Liquor is on a mission to give real music back to the people. Soul Liquor is an anti-drug, a movement, and an art form. Experience the art of live performance, acoustic instrument, & the healing power of vibration


Soul Liquor is the mastermind funk creation of Thomas Blake. A preacher's kid from Ohio, Thomas was a natural born musical talent, an existential visionary, a destined leader. At the age of 4, his father bought him his first drum set. The saxophone, tuba, trumpet, and countless keyboards would soon follow. Growing up in rural Ohio Thomas was a big fish in a small pond. He was never exposed to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye or Pink Floyd. The artistry, the soul and the message of his music are completely raw. Self taught and self originated. Thomas Blake's solo projects: The Trilogy Of Thomas Blake, and the Pandemonius Rebellion Film Collective, can be viewed here: Chris De La Cruz grew up in Miami. His Cuban roots exposed him to the rich sounds of rumba and a love of the drum. Chris spent most of his time dancing in any and every type of arena he could find. His passion for dance and movement could not be ignored, and the so new millenium would find him in Hollywood in pursuit of a dance career. Chris De La Cruz has been on stage with some of the best in the industry. Now finding himself a professional performing artist at the top of his game; yet a desire to pursue percussion was growing stronger. everyday. It was a challenge he wanted to meet. Upon first meeting Thomas Blake the seed of Soul Liquor was planted. Sitting in on jam sessions and watching him play, he began to wonder - could i do this? It was the perfect exchange. Thomas would teach him about instrumentation and he would teach Thomas about music theory and theatre. Determined to following this through, Chris bought his first drum set, shocking everyone especially Thomas Blake. About the first time he played with Thomas as Soul Liquor Chris says, "It was surreal, I've never played drums in my life. I was afraid of the experience because it was so powerful. It opened my mind to the possibility of being a musician, or maybe that day i became a musician. I don't think I have actually digested the change I am a part of."


Soul Liquor: Live Sessions 1 Singles: "City Of Lost Angels" "Deadman Walking" "Hollywood Haters" "Dancing In The Fire"

Set List

Soul Liquor exists in the moment and are lead wherever the music takes them. The set list will consist of current singles, new material, and unrehearsed freestyle.