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Among the strongest voices in Reggae and Dancehall- Soulmedic delivers powerfull conscious music to inspire the masses. Soulmedic is known for quality recordings, vocal versatility, energetic stage performances and is an example of Dancehall/ Reggae entertainment at its finest.


International Reggae singer/songwriter -Soulmedic Hails from Northern California and the Big Island of Hawaii forwarding potent reggae and dancehall music. Soulmedic deliveres vocal versatility with songs of insparation rooted firm in truth and rights; Medic is known for entertaining and energetic stage shows, uplifting the massive with the message of love and unity.
Soulmedic- "this music represents for the strengthening and unity of all life: same time make you move and enjoy yourself! Zion gate is open wide for everyone! We come to end all war, destruction and illusion of seperation with positive sound, thought, and works"
Soul Medication is the name of Soulmedic's new album availible April 2008. With production and mixing overseeen by Latin Grammy nominee- Big Chris of Moodswing Records, Soul Medication is Medic's best and most intimate work to date. From thunderous dancehall tracks like Upfulivity, and Ganja Youth- feat. Jahworks the Revolutionary, to the jazz inspired, medical strain tribute- The Top Ten, Soul Medication is a journey through musical style and life experience. Other featuerd artists on Soul Medication include Ras Attitude in the double-time duet-"Say A Prayer"; hot new singer/producer Ishence of Higher Bound Prod. on "In Theese Days", and Hip Hop/Reggae group- Soulifted cipher the vocals and produce the modern classic- "B Unique". The variety of quality production on Soul Medication is credited to the 13 producers of the 20 heated tracks including Moodswing Records, Itation Records, Higher Bound prod. Solifted, Batch, Basic, Dj Flash, Higher Ground Movement, Mixoligist Mike, Lion Sound prod. and more.

In 2006- Reggae artists- Ishi Dube, Jahsun and Winstrong formed The Lion Camp- a crew of strong talented, established Reggae artists supporting eachother in unity. Soulmedic was the next artist to get pulled into the camp, eventually along with Ras Attitude, Rocker T, Batch, Jahworks, Moese and Luna Angel and more. Expect to see quality compilations, tours and other future projects from this solid team of musical talent.

Born to a German immigrant mother and California native father- Soulmedic was raised in Southeast Asia, California and Florida and now resides in Hawaii and Northern California. Exposure to different cultures and musical styles influenced Medic greatly in his childhood; from traditional Malaysian, Philipino, and Chinese folk music to Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B. Soulmedic's first musical performances were in the schoolyard freestyle cypher (age 15) until graduating to local DJ nights and sound system dances. In 2001 Medic teamed up with world class backing musicans setting the foundation for powerfull and entertaining stage shows; currently backed by The MASH Unit, Northern California's premier reggae and dancehall band; playing original and traditional reggae music with vibe and skill.
Soulmedic has played with and shared stages with countless veterans of the buisness including- Sugar Minott, Buju Banton, Yellowman, Sister Carol, The Mighty Diamonds, Anthony B, Capelton, KRS One, Heiroglyphics, Midnite, and many more.

In 2004 Soulmedic released his first commercially available album- Ancient Youth, self produced and released; Ancient Youth is a testimony of faith and remberance of humanity's royal and divine lineage; filled with powerfull tracks produced by the Dubterreaniens, Just One, Eddie Dibiassi, and Medic himself. For a mostly, roughly self produced first release- Ancient Youth received commercial sucess with over 10,000 sold and licensed songs featured on prime time television ("Jah Glory" - on ESPN's Fuel TV) and film (Get Down - Windansea Prod. 2004).

2006 marked the release Soulmedic's last solo album- Western Cleansing. Western Cleansing features 13 earth-shaking tracks from the lyrical healer and combination tracks with General Smiley (of original Michigan & Smiley), Jahworks the Revolutionary, Warrior, and more. Western Cleansing is the second release from the Jah Kebra Music label, with tracks produced by Batch of Sound V.I. Zion Records, Nick Fantastic (creator of the acclaimed- Hard x riddem), and many tunes produced by Medic himself. Sattelite radio stations Sirius, and DMX pushed the hit single -"Re Lion" off "Western Cleansing" in heavy rotation for months without payola. Western Cleansing is available at retailers and is on the web at
Western cleansing is distributed by Earnie B's Reggae and I.D.C.

In 2007 Soulmedic and Warrior were featured artists and hosted mixtape- Jah Kebra Mix. #1, Mixed by Selecta Kung Fu of Purefiya Sound. Jah Kebra Mix#1 is nonstop action, an original mixtape with 8 NEW exclusive songs from Soulmedic and Warrior. The lyrical marksmen ride perfectly blended classics to current dancehall and hip hop riddems.
CD avail- 10$ check or money order



Written By: Soulmedic


Music Produced by Andrew “Bassie” Campbell
Music courtesy of Concious Riddems Records

I say royal ises unto all Jah youths, you know
Soulmedic come fi tell them say-
I man a feel that Jah blessing is for we- it’s for all humanity
so man fi live up in a harmony
I man am sure -that Jah blessing is always there
for Jah children him a always care
We calling out to Jah youth everywhere

No Time fi think twice, hand me the mic
I man a done parasite, crush antichrist
Peg the vampi. string up all of them lies
Cut off all them hype, no bother ask why

No more cries of fallen angels sucking blood out of Jah children
No more sacrifice- wicked device of magician
Can’t defy Jah law -decide a fi go kill them
can’t deny Jah power or divide from Jah rhythm
Life it a moving, flowing yes a true it never stopping
So me cipher is alive for not deciphering options
Apply force -to them ya blood sucking man them
Cut them off from wi all a go see them temple haunted
Filled with the blood which dem deh about sight
the blood of Christ Jeshoua- H.I.M. ya deh about I
Searching fi the grail a which them deh about sight-
Out-side dem a search -but weh it deh? -A inside now
Men find waan search and waan stray around strife
Never find the vessel of the woman bring about life
Never find the seed-a heights, them congregate around hype
concentrating their lies, woah woah

No time fi think twice
chorus X2

because the truth is written inside your heart you know
and inside the hearts of all your breadren and sistren
you nah haffi look outside of your solid foundation for that
remember that-
see this here god body tabernacle- see it a the temple fi the most high Jah
inna the battle, wicked tremble –dem a waan pose higher
but the fact it a so simple –blood it a flows Iyah
it a inna mi it a inna you – we are the host iya
Jah Jah army of armies unto we post Iyah
This here sound a call the alarming –see we roll Iyah
Since Jah Jah HIM a chosen I- him a chose Iya

I man a feel -that Jah blessing is for we – for all humanity
So man fe live up in a harmony
I man a know- that Jah blessing is always there - fi Jah children HIM a always care- Me calling out to all Jah youths from everywhere
Calling out to Jah youths them- Calling out to Jah children
Calling out- to Jah youths them
Only Jah gives me the loving yeah- Jah gives me the blessing yeah
Jah give me everything fi real
What’s inna me heart - could a never conceal
The love for all humanity it affi reveal x2



3- Upfulivity

Music produced by Higher Ground Sound Movement

Soulmedic, Higher Ground Sound Movement, Moodswing in your area
Listen up- a well me chanting- It a go so then. Well It a go so then
It a go so man- exactly like supposed to then
From coast to coast -mi no brag mi no boast
But when we touch this microphone – Babylon a burnt toast

Rolling down a west- highest grade inna me chest,
dun know seh it a blessed, manifesting oneness
No time fe go rest from the pickney upon the breast
to the weed inna mi chest- man affi suc-cess
dutty bobby can’t test- dem nah rise- mi nah stress
all fear it a long gone- all fear a gone left
Selassie I all knowing -appeal me conscience
The seed it a growing the trees them nah rest
If you speak with corrupt lies mi emphasize -and beg you shut up
People leach with the words that them a speak- ca dem waan suck up
All your energy with idle words that them a utter
Them a go buss up suck up fuss up done up -working for them corporate
Rasta see everything them a dweet when them a _____ __
Poison all the youths- dilute the truth and make them drug up
Revolution soon a come -but theres no need to pick no gun up, ca
Jah Jah done a mek the whole place bun up- mi chant

Blaze mi blaze mi blaze blaze gwaan heal
this a earth- from birth dutty vibe me nah feel
Ites we fi raise a raise around here
Playing no game- mi calling Jah name around here
Gal fi we days we days around here
Baby born- that a we song around here
Ganjah- the haze -real haze around here
Blaze the corn- direct from farm around here

Mi want the food organic man the weed organic
Upfulivity we a go give the whole planet
Bobby dem can’t stand it- toxic a get banished man
Spliff a the chronic – the tonic mi mussi have it man
food organic man the weed organic
Upfulivity we a go give the whole planet
Dancehall- we a ram it -the fans nah waan we stop it
advance like the stamina bomb when mi a drop it
it a real when me double-edged sword it a wheild
Me a heal -and kill dutty vampire at will
Appeal unto the youths and the elders them still
Nah feel dutty vibe , dutty vibe me nah feel
For real-- Well nothing could a bother I-
I man a trod the hola path and a chant Selassie I
Me no pass the hype- me pass to everlasting life
Defy the laws of gravity- a where mi get it from? Inside

Blaze mi blaze mi blaze blaze gwaan heal
this earth- from birth dutty vibe me nah feel
Ites we fi raise we raise around here
Playing no game- mi calling Jah name around here
Gal fi we days we days around here
Baby born- that a we song around here
Ganja- the haze real haze around here
Blaze the corn- direct from farm around here


2000 Soulmedic Demo
1. T. Masters
2. Eva Rolling
3. Dutty Vibe
4. Nah Pacify
5. Faith Everlasting
6. Concentrated
7. Potency 2000
8. Innovate
9. The Tide
10. Jah Discipline

2002 Soulmedic Sampler

1. Rise
2. Riding
3. Repent
4. A so we Go
5. Ites

Ancient Youth -2004
1. Selassie Glory
2. Christian
3. Ancient Youth
4. Ises
5 Fallen
6 Dem Con
7 Omega Royalty
8. Youth Nah Bow
9. Poison Livity
10. Rasta Know
11. Players
12. Humble
13. Faith

Western Cleansing -2005 Jah Kebra Music
1. Breath
2. Stronger
3. Re Lion
4. In I Heart
5. Cannabis Eucharist
6. Iley Guidance
7. Manifest
8. Crown To I Roots
9. Solid Rock
10. Chanting Out
11. Choose the Right
12. Rasta Chant
13. Bless Every Time

Jah Kebra Mix Tape #1 - 2006 Jah Kebra Music
hosted by Warrior and Soulmedic

Fiyah Bounce- 2007/08 Purefiya Sounds Mix Tape hosted by Soulmedic

Calling Jah Youth - Conscious Riddems Records 2008
Sound Weapon - Lion Sound Prod. 2007
Ganja Youth -Jah Kebra Music 2007
Exit No Entry- Higher Bound 2007
If I- Itation Records 2007
Rolling Thunder- Jah Kebra Music 2007
Jah I Way- Audio Pharmacy 2007

Soulmedic Sampler 2007
1. Sound Weapon
2. Ganja Youth
3. Empress- Live in Hilo
4. Jah Highway
5. Rolling Thunder
6. Sound Weapon Accapella

Soul Medication -2008
1- General Smiley Intro
2- Calling Jah Youth
3- Upfulivity
4- Top Ten
5- Say a Prayer feat. Ras Attitude
6- Self Preservation
7- Crying Out
8- B Unique
9- Soul Medication feat. Asiyah
10- Sound Weapon
11- Talk with Jah
12-Peace of Mind
13- Ganjah Youth feat Jahworks the Revolutionary
14- Balance of Life
15- What a Blessing
16- Ganjaman Caravan
17- In These Days feat. Ishence
18- Find Jah
19 The Force - General Smiley outro
20.Sound Weapon - Zeb Remix

Set List

A typical set with the band is can be from 1/2 hour- 3 hours depending on how the schedule demands - Soulmedic has over 150 original songs , a few Garnet Silk and Denis Brown covers as well. Sets change for most shows.