Jon Felton's Soulmobile

Jon Felton's Soulmobile


Jon Felton's Soulmobile is like a really smart carnival that sings. Quirky-but-catchy arrangments join sad songs and sing-a-longs. Personality is the order of the day and JF&SOUL delivers. Unassuming but excellent, Soulmobile sympathetically re-opens old wounds, suggests hope, and makes it fun.


Jon Felton's Soulmobile began as a solo project in which Jon played two foot-operated drums while he played guitar and sang. His
emotionally raw lyrics and stop-start arrangements contrasted with the whimsy of his "one-man band."

Audiences got the joke and he amassed a following from which his band eventually grew.
Jon wasn't looking for people who played a certain instrument. He was looking for people with a certain
kind of heart: people he could grow with and trust.
The ragtag ensemble which resulted was a delightful junkyard of instruments and personalities.
New songs emerged, matching sophisticated arrangements to Jon's
sympathetic and arresting lyrics.
The Soulmobile embraces a simple
and comprehensive belief which permeates their music and lyrics:
A peace can be found between things which seem separate, and that
there is a hope of wholeness for scattered parts.

Now, years later, the band is in many ways a realization of that belief. The "Jon Felton's Soulmobile" of today functions like a unified organism. With thousands of miles and countless shows behind them and ahead of them, JF&SOUL seem likely to keep on "rolling along," as their popular song says, and giving audiences far and wide reason to pay attention, possibly to smile, and to hope.


Let's All Get Together and Not Be Machinery - Album (Forces of Good and Evil, 2003)
Palpable B-Sides (
All Creation Sings - Album (Potter Street Records/Good Soil, 2007)
Establishing the Anti-Establishment (Allalom Records compilation, 2007)

Set List

Jon Felton's Soulmobile can play enough original songs to fill two sets of an hour and a half each, however they prefer sets of no more than an hour. They pride ourselves on making the most of any size set.