Soulo Lyons

Soulo Lyons


Soulo Lyons is a 100 year old shaman living in a 20 year old body. His lyrics are thoughtfully evolved, mature well beyond his years, with a beat that fuses funk, reggae, blues, and rock. He will captivate audiences and take them on a journey through the full spectrum of their emotions.


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Soulo Lyons - Me and My Guitar - Acoustic EP

Soulo Lyons - unnamed (Currently in studio, due late 2006)

Set List

--Typically even mix of originals with uniquely rendered covers--

Originals: (approx. 30+)
Stood Up
Open Sea
That Someone
Shower Song
Outta Sight
The Calling
Weighted Down

Originally rendered covers of:
Bob Marley, Tosh, Toots, Jimi, Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Prince, Ben Harper, Buddy Guy, SRV, B.B., E.C., Ray Charles, The Stones, DMB, many more