Soul On Tap

Soul On Tap

 Rochester, New York, USA

We play a unique mix of R&B, funk, jazz, swing & blues, selected to get people dancing. Our concept appeals to audiences of all ages & musical tastes, due as much to our energy as our song selection. Give us a room full of people and we'll keep them happy all night.


Soul On Tap was born in 2008, with founding members from a variety of musical backgrounds in the Rochester area. We began by creating a song list from artists like Tommy Castro, Taj Mahal, James Brown, Brian Setzer and Colin James, in an effort to appeal to Rochester's large swing dance community. It worked, and everything we add fits right into the undefinable atmosphere of this band. We have the unique ability to appeal to both young & old audiences, which makes us a great choice for events like festivals, weddings and all types of private events.


We're not in the business of selling recorded music. Our magic happens on stage.