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Soul Out

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Played on University of Chicago radio station WHPK 88.5 Hip Hop ALL DAY
92.3 Power 92, Chicago's Very Own



Soul Out is a group of soulful classified lyricist that has chosen to place purpose on their lifestyle and lyrics as a representation to music and Hip Hop in its entirety. You can believe us, no Hip Hop is not dead when you can clearly hear the essence through this groups every song. The mission statement for this group is (to be all things to all people) whether it is through hip hop, R&B, or neo-soul, such diversity can’t be boxed in. Because Soul Out has endured trials and obstacles on all levels, speaking of streets wise, corporately and family, their able to face the world through music. It is how you come out of those trials that make you a better person and you’re now able to achieve more goals by adapting and using all expected and unexpected victories and defeats. Growing up in the streets of Chicago and New York has its benefits, but also its difficulties. Struggles are not something that you choose, but rather something that is passed down to you and you decide to break the curse by having vision and a plan for success. We have decided to do just that! Our music is able to break the barriers, reaching the youth and adult crowd simultaneously causing our effect to have a lasting impact on the world. The strength of a person is characterized, but not recognized when there is no one to support your dreams. In search of your own dreams you can get lost sometimes when you don't know your purpose and the reason you’re hear, and you won't leave until that purpose is fulfilled. Soul Out continues to represent these quotes through music and song, not talking about the normality’s of bling and things, or the typical riff raff of how many we can expose to lust, but about life’s loves, lost and trials. The background of Soul Out ranges from single parenthood, educationally switching majors, to confusion of loving someone, heartache, gang awareness, and many more because of our surroundings. Chenene also known as Coriz from the group has achieved her Nursing accomplishment in school and will be attending Columbia College to attain her BA in music while pursuing her career in her gift. Devell also known as Classic from the group has gained college education in Business Management at Roosevelt University and has taught youth kids at an Alternative Holistic High School. The group holds solidity because of their achievements. Coriz says "One who can struggle through life, but still continue to walk in faith is my ideal person. You can't sit and let the walls close in on you, you have to continue to go towards your goal even if the road turns a little you’ll see that you get something else accomplished in the midst of it all until you get there. I can't stop doing and being music even when trying to; it’s embedded in me forever. Even when people tried tearing down my hopes and ambitious mindset and rip me apart and they have tried hard, I've hurt from it, but they didn’t realize it only made me stronger. I know God put me through it because he knows I can do the unbelievable. I can't run." Classic says "Without knowing your purpose you're lost and distraught. I'm here on earth for a specific duty, an assignment that I was given before the earth was created, and that’s why it's instilled in me to fulfill this purpose. I have no fear of failure, but I do fear that if this assignment isn't pursued and internally noticed then not I have failed the one who has assigned this to me, but those who will be greatly levitated by my trials, tribulations, and joys. I am overall here for the people without knowledge of their purpose. We guarantee history made B.E.T. Awards, MTV Awards, Grammy’s, and AMA’s. In conclusion, Soul Out has ghost written for big names in the industry before working on there own project. Coriz from Soul Out has featured on various Chicago artist tracks such as Paperboy, Bo Deal, Lo Vision and many more in the making. Classic has a business for those that are not yet ready to face the world musically because of their English and or lyrical structure. His business is entitled “The Writer’s Table.” They have traveled to New York to perform at the New York Music Festival 2005, All Star weekend at the Treasure Island and The Wynn 2007 there was a feature performance where Nelly and Jermaine Dupri Hosted. They are open to new genres and settings as for pursuing artists