Soulful conductors of sound and divine grooves. They create a very eclectic sound covering from a thick froth of Funk, to the deepest roots of Reggae. Their Jazzy dynamics & electrified Blues keep you satiated through all moods and levels of consciousness.


We are very eclectic... It's like World beat musicians meet up with James Brown on a Caribean cruise with Jimi Hendrix as the ships Cptn, Led Zepplin as the crew, Bob Marley leading the late morning services, and Dave Mathews tending bar. Don't forget to stop by poolside on the main deck for a space jazz coolatta!


Demo Available... Full CD in making.

Set List

We are not a cover band, however we like to throw in bits and pieces of covers mixed with our originals. We have played tribute sets at venues such as Bob Marley's BirthDay Party and The Family Picnic. We can fill 2 hrs playing time easy...