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"SoulPhood/Liquid Dynamite"

Testo Giudizio
Ricordano i Bang Tango, glorie per un giorno nei primi anni novanta, i Soulphood di Atlanta (Georgia, USA), alle prese con Liquid Dynamite per la loro seconda prova discografica. Reminiscenze zeppeliane (tanto per cambiare), Mothers Finest e tanto funky pesante, come se Jimi Hendrix suonasse con i Living Colour (wow!), i SoulPhood basano il proprio sound su ritmi spezzati, infarciti di groove enfatizzato da un uso costante delle percussioni. Sotto l'egida del produttore Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi) i SoulPhood pescano a piene mani dalla tradizione, con il merito di portare a galla un genere dato un po' per disperso, il funky rock (velato di soul). Ancora un po' grezzi per quel che riguarda gli arrangiamenti e una maggiore dinamicità, senza diventare schizzati come i R.H.C.P., i SoulPhood si candidano a diventare più credibili degli Spin Doctors (gruppo scarso diventato famoso per qualche anno). Il quartetto si regge bene a galla, grazie all'entusiasmo e una freschezza propria della giovane età (almeno come band); gli americani vantano in formazione un percussionista di ruolo (Romi Rome), il cantante Adam Bret, anche chitarrista (davvero bravo), più la sezione ritmica formata da Chirs Presta e Dennis Stevenson. Tentano la strada dei pezzi tirati sorretti da cori poco riusciti, ma a parte qualche dettaglio i nostri ci sanno fare, "No Sad Goodbyes", "Thinkin' Of You", "She" e "I Believe" sono scritte e suonate con il giusto piglio.

A Liquid Dynamite manca poco per diventare esplosivo: rocker fatevi avanti

Stefano Giacometti

- Heavy Music Portal, Italy


TO: SoulPhood
FROM: Howard Rosen
RE: SoulPhood "Liquid Dynamite"


Your music rocks! We loved hearing to your material. Radio is always looking for the next big hit and we think that you have it.
My staff and I listened to Soul Phood CD and the choice is obvious
Track #2“Liquid Dynamite” is perfect for the Active Rock radio format!
- Howard Rosen Radio Promo

"SoulPhood and Professor Griff of Public Enemy Release new Single"

BurnLounge, the world's first fan-driven digital music service, announced today that Professor Griff of Public Enemy has teamed with independent artist SoulPhood and released a new single entitled, “Do Your Thing,” exclusively available through BurnLounge.

New York, NY (Billboard Publicity Wire) December 18, 2006 -- BurnLounge, the world's first fan-driven digital music service, announced today that Professor Griff of Public Enemy has teamed with independent artist SoulPhood and released a new single entitled, “Do Your Thing,” exclusively available through BurnLounge.

“BurnLounge allows for independent artists like us, to hold the power of distribution and promotion in our hands,” said Adam Bret, vocals and lead guitarist for SoulPhood. “Our relationship with Professor Griff was a result of the BurnLounge community network, so what better way to show our gratitude than to debut our unique track exclusively to the BurnLounge community."

Through BurnLounge’s proprietary software, music artists and fans can build their own fully functioning digital music store. These stores not only allow you to sell your favorite music, but will also allow visitors access to a vast catalog of nearly two million titles from all four major labels and hundreds of independent and unsigned artists. BurnLounge’s innovative platform gives artists the opportunity to empower fans to promote the music they love through a new fan-driven promotional channel.

“The successful collaboration between SoulPhood and Professor Griff, both of them BurnLounge Retailers, demonstrates the power of influence within the BurnLounge community,” said Alex Arnold, the co-founder and chief executive officer of BurnLounge. “BurnLounge’s innovative platform focuses on the music/entertainment fan to drive sales and monetize by word-of-mouth.”

“Do Your Thing” was recorded in Atlanta in September of 2006, produced by Adam Bret, recorded by James Salter and mixed by Rusty Cobb (Butch Walker). This new single is a combination of rock, funk and R&B distinct to SoulPhood, combined with an element of hip-hop influenced by Professor Griff. The video for “Do Your Thing,” is scheduled for release in January 2007.

To access SoulPhood’s BurnLounge, visit

About BurnLounge
BurnLounge is the first, next-generation; community-powered digital music service enabling music fans to discover and enjoy music, as well as operate their own digital music stores and evangelize the music they love. Through this innovative model, BurnLounge provides record labels and artists with a new fan-driven promotional channel. For additional information, please visit

- Billboard

"SoulPhood Rocks Andrews Upstairs"

"The Highlight of the show was a song from their upcoming album, "No Sad Goodbyes." Drummer Chris left is all onstage and attacked the drums with a ferocity rarely seen in these parts. Adam and Dennis added fuel to the fire with blazzing Guitar and Bass playing. Adam and the band ended the show with a rousing version of "Building a Brand New World". He was shouting and cojoling the crowd to get up, dance and let it all hang out. This was truly an incendiary performance!" - Insite Magazine

"SoulPhood: Band on the Rise!"

"Soulphood is Atlanta's newest white hot band and could be the city's next success story. The band was developed from a melting pot of musical influences and passion, while incorporating several key elements of rock, melody and funk. It appears that Atlanta is about to have yet another hot band, and another success story.
Exceeding indutry expectations and smashing stereotypical molds, this group has set out with t intent to create and not imitate. The band has been riding a wave of accoldes and critical praise since the release of their explosive self titled debut album. With an incredible live show, they have returned to Atlanta just in time to celebrate the release of their second single "By My Side". The band has been drawing crowds of 300 oir more at several venues in what the 'biz people" call "major markets".

When asked about the experience, lead vocalist Adam Bret says: "Everyone is competing for the same fan. There are so many great bands aout there. We've been thinking as a bnd what is it that not only makes our product, you know our music and also our performances-our interaction with the audience-special to a fan and what is it that makes us more special thant the thousands of ther great bands competing out there for that audience? I think we learned it's all about giving everything you can. Being genuine and authentic, sharing through music personal experiences, life changing losses and gains, and providing inspiration."
- Insite Magazine


2006 "Do Your Thing" Single Release by SoulPhood with Professor Griff of Public Enemy
2006 "Liquid Dynamite" Mixed by the Legendary Kevin "Caveman" Shirley @ Quad Studios & Mastered by the famed Howie Weinberg@Masterdisk .3 NEW
2003"SoulPhood" Self Titled Debut
Tracks are available inside this EPK! Inter-National Distribution with Burn Lounge and The Orchard.


Feeling a bit camera shy


SoulPhood makes it home in the famed musical city of Atlanta, Georgia! Formed by Vocalist/Guitarist Adam Bret and 3 of the most sought after musicians from some of the South East Hottest Bands, the SoulPhood crew began kicking up the musical dirt from moment go with the release of their debut record “SoulPhood” in April 2003.

Now, with the release of their sophomore effort, "Liquid Dynamite" in January 2006 and the industry buzz surrounding the fact that “Liquid Dynamite” was mixed by the legendary Producer Kevin "Caveman" Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi), SoulPhood is gaining huge momentum in 23 US Markets with over 165 spins per week of their 2nd single from “Liquid Dynamite” with the CHR/HOT AC track “I don’t know”. SoulPhood's story continues to become more and more exciting by the day. SoulPhood is internationally distributed by The Orchard and Burn Lounge where there are 47,000 Burn Lounge Retailers pushing SoulPhood.

Who is SoulPhood? The ancient Aum symbol the band uses to represent itself, really does give you an idea of what these guys are about. The Aum symbol represents the sound of Creation and SoulPhood has taken that meaning literally to create some of the most accessible, voodoo magic-mojo style catchy, hook-laden and groove guided music out today!

The SoulPhood sound is a rich blend of the music styles that have defined the rock genre' for over 4 decades. Lead Vocals reminiscent of an earlier era, combined with straight up nasty funky blues rock guitar& bass and strong harmonies, and add that to refined melodic arrangements, an R&B foundation, and you have SoulPhood. You can certainly hear the strong Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Mothers Finest, and Led Zeppelin influences in the sound. SoulPhood is Classic Rock mixed with Modern Radio Friendly Rock/Pop - add a pinch of R&B, a dab of Funk and a handful of Groove and you've got all the ingredients for great music. SoulPhood's music brings you back to those times we all remember, when music was about Great songs, memorable singers and great playing.

Every member of SoulPhood is a proven recording artist and touring musician in their own right, and now they have come together to bring back the Vibe with the style of music that has shaped our lives. Does SoulPhood sound like the today’s band D' Jour? NO WAY! Classic Rock Roots-you got it-but there’s no doubt that SoulPhood has created a unique style born from a diversified blend of Rock, R&B, Funk and Soul! This band is not just about the newest over the top trend. SoulPhood is about songs! This band lets you know that it’s still cool to have fun, dig on life and love, even in a world filled with so much angst, that sometimes we get lost and one sure way find yourself again is SoulPhood.