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Written By: nicholas a lawson


Soul Piratez Song words written by Jack Wilde
Music written by Rene’

Verse 1

Released from the struggle’n’strife in ya mind
In the dark you’ll find – the Soul Piratez
As the puzzle of life answers one at a time
Smile and You’ll find the Soul Piratez
We’re living the quest 2 align, 2 where there’s a higher state of mind
And the Soul feels fine
Where there’s distruction and distraction
You’ll find us – contracting 2b constructing
New World of thought – Tru Funktion
From the masters of Funk & the Soul Corruption
Here’s the funk from the Soul Pirates


Gotta Meditate to Appreciate, Vegetate 2 keep ya regulatin’ & relatin’ 2 tha’ people
We find – Chasin’ the Mystery’s of Life

Verse 2

We live & breathe 4 the freedom of flight
We unhook ya from the system & breathe ya with life
We take 8 times what it takes to make you a failure

Pullin strings from ya dream – 2 ya sweet daylight
Success – it’s in ya cellular memory – like devine mystery

I the words you find, perplex your mind
Then the beat will make it clear - bendin space’n’time

Lawless Renegades please engage
Open up cause your on the ------Soul Funk Pirate Ship
It’s a candy, fantastic kind of trip
With, Psycaedelic Sails, sweet cocktails
And all the treasure you can find –at Sunset we Fly!


Verse 3

So here we are, sailin across the 7 seas, thru the boule-vard of life
Stress free and at ease , very pleased with the deep insights in my own life
(beat kicks)
2 kids and a wife r my partners 4 life
They’ll carry me across the threshold of lifes-test-
Cause my lady’s the best
Givin love and mental tendancies
2 Dance, 2 B Free -- Be@one and B @ Ease

With our kidlets in tow, rowin the boat thru the islands of Destiny Yo!
The river of life has a way of flo-atin’ – Bouyant Thoughtz
Like leaves we get caught up in the drain and the pain and the gettin’ of life
Gotta get released from the strife----it’s just the struggle of life!!!

Chorus x2