Soul Plane

Soul Plane

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We are a fusion of all kinds of music put together. Basically we are a wild combination of Jazz, Hip hop. R&B, Rock, Rap, Soul and Funk. Put together, you get Soul Plane!...waiting to take off!


Yui and Myself (Dan) met at a show around 4 years ago, and thought it was a great idea to sit down and jam sometime. To our surprise we really liked what we were coming up with. Within hours I had called Aaron (drums) who then called Gideon (bass). At out first jam ever, we composed our first song titled Fly.

A lot of people tell us that we have made a new genre of music, "jazz rap". We have a really distinctive unique sound, and the whole world deserves to hear Soul Plane!


Nothing on the air yet, however we just recently released our demo titled Countdown To Launch

Set List

Depending on the show and what it reqires, generally we will play from 7-11 songs. Our Typical set time is from 45 minutes to 1 hour.