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Soul Plane

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Soul Plane brings the hype and energy everywhere they go.

With music that can be best described as a uniquely urban and modern blend of hip hop, RnB, alternative rock and blues Soul Plane has been rocking stages for over three years and they continue to grow a fanbase in the hometown of Toronto.


The stage starts buzzing with a medley of instruments being tuned. As the vocalists take the stage, they look into the crowd and can't help but feel goosebumps. They've never played in a venue this big. Deep breaths...

Tensions are at an all-time high. Yui picks up the microphone.

"What's happening Torontoooooooooooooooooo!"

The roar of the crowd is so strong that the microphones feed back. They know there's nothing to fear.

This is what they've been waiting for. It is no accident.

Soul Plane has always been accustomed to taking off on short runways. Only a few weeks after coming together, the band took to the stage at the El Mocambo in Toronto to play their first gig. It was a battle of the bands. Soul Plane took first place and went on to win enough studio time from the event to put together their first EP -- Countdown to Launch.

The success of this record and continuous dedication to their music landed the band a spot on MuchMusic's DISBAND in the summer of 2008. Soul Plane became the first band on the show to get approval from the judges and to this day their episode (Season 1, Episode 3) is still one of the most played and watched episodes on Much.

Since then, the band has touched down at venues around Toronto and surrounding areas including the Hard Rock, Sound Academy, Opera House, Kathedral and countless more as they continue to play to a dedicated and growing audience.

Their uniquely urband blend of rock, rap and RnB is inspired by the diverse influences of the bands' members, altough it's hard to say what exactly it is about the music that's so moving.

Is it the rocky blues sound that's often attributed to Pearl Jam? Maybe it's the funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and an added touch of Roots style Jazz. Or maybe it's Yui and Karla's hip-hop/RnB duet that to the untrained ear could pass as the Gym Class Heroes rocking out with Alicia Keyes.

Whatever it is, it leaves listeners wondering... where can I get some of that? And they always come back for more.



Written By: Yui/Tom Oosterman

up up away we can push it to the max
'til we higher than the cash that a boss could stack
'til we flyer like the ads for shows we tryin' to pack
'til we admired like ferraris on a track
anything you need, you can put it on my tab
anytime you call me, i'm ready to attack
any problem babygirl just tell me what to grab
i show up any hour just to put you on my back
the "s" on my chest means you don't gotta stress
yes, and you are now rollin' with the best
fresh, so it don't matter how they try to pull it
I'll be standin' right here deflectin' every bullet//

hook pick me up when i hit the ground
stickin' up for me when no one else is around take me high when i'm feelin' down
ohh... you're my superhero (x2)

i'd blast through the clouds just to give you some sunlight
so it ain't a question what i'd do in a gunfight
...and i don't care what they front like, i only got
one life, so i'm a make sure that it's done right you can tell him, if he try to hurt you
I'll hit him so hard it's gon' be more than full circle
and i don't need a phone booth... to put a cape on or
go "zoom", i just blow apart the whole room
...picture us, sittin' on a park bench
and suddenly it's dark, just like where the sharks swim
then i turn into somethin' that looks like clark kent
man of steel, for real, we'll see who's hard then//


the skies get dark and the clouds gather
but when you're here, it just don't matter
you're the only one who's
strong enough to take me higher
when the road is long and i get weary
you keep me on track, help me see clearly
you're the only one who's
hot enough to light my fire

hook 4 bars

i smash through any ceilin, i'd leap over any buildin
i'd conquer any villain for my, one in a million
one, you'd do anything for, you know the feelin'
[ohh... youre my superhero] (x2)

hook 4 bars


Red Eye Flight EP
Release Date: July 11th, 2010

Sound of Speed EP
Release Date: January 15th, 2010
1. Impossible (MuchMusic Remix)
2. Superhero
3. Through the Fire and Fame
4. Fly

Black Box EP (Available on iTunes)
Release Date: April 20th, 2009
1. Impossible
2. Life is Beautiful
3. Liquor on the Curb
4. Soul Playin'
5. No Worries
6. Welcome to T-dot city

Countdown to Launch EP
Release Date: September 5th, 2007
1. Soul Playin'
2. Floodgates
3. Fade Away
4. Fly
5. No Worries
6. Reach for the Sky
7. Look my Way

Set List

1. Turnin’ Me On
2. This Time Around
3. This Alcohol
4. Come So Far
5. T-dot T-dot
6. Fly
7. Superhero
8. Through the Fire and Fame
9. Impossible
10. Life is Beautiful
11. Tearin’ It Down
12. Hold On A Little Bit Longer
13. Start Over
14. Champion
15. Band on the Fly
16. Video Games
17. No Worries
18. Liquor On the Curb

We also play various Top 40 covers.