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"Soul Pollution Rips the roof off the DOUBLE DOOR!"

OK, so my buddy Dave Anselmini, (guitarist with the quickly fading but ever awesome Hedspin), calls me the other night, like Monday I think it was and asks if I want to go see Soul Pollution on Wednesday night. I say 'sure' right off the bat cause I know Dave is heading to St. Thomas for the fucking winter soon. How cool is THAT shit!? Anyway, I drag my old tired ass outta the house forgetting my cell phone cause that thing is so small, and I have to turn around at Central and Milwaukee and go back home to pick it up. So I'm running late, get to Hoghead McDunna's and find out the Blackhawks have given up 3 goals to the St. Louis Blues (to tie the game!) in the 15 MINUTES it's taken me to get from my house to McDunna's! OK, so we have to see what happens-it's an important game for the Hawks... Hawks win in overtime. Whew. The night's getting better!

We get to Double Door abot 15 minutes later and Dave introduces me to Larry, Mike and Tony of Soul Pollution. I hand 'em Wylde Radio cards and drink Diet Cokes w/lime while the first band finishes up their set. Then Soul Pollution takes the stage...

...and FUCK ME, THESE MUTHAFUCKERS ARE BRUTAL!!! I haven't seen a band do a show this good in a LONG time! Mike, (guitars) KICKS ASS! He's all spitting spray in the air and flying from one stage end to the other and shit. And his axe work is a beautiful goddamn thing to watch. Tony, the band's singer, starts kickin' it and man, the fucking voice that comes outta this big guy is the LAST thing you'd expect! KILLER voice! The bass player, (also with The Its (, started playing with these guys on FUCKIN' TUESDAY!!! And he knows EVERY NOTE. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Drummer Larry had some kinda problem with his kicker mic during the first song and a half, but he musta kicked his bass in a little or something, cause suddenly his kicker mic is thumping me in the fucking chest like a sledge hammer! They did about a 5 song set and I'll tell ya's... it ended WAY too soon! It takes a LOT for a band to impress me, but these guys pulled it off like they were just havin' fun in their mom's fuckin' basement. We chat a bit after the show and these guys are fucking good people on top of awesome musicians. Thanks for dragging my ass outta the house, Dave!

You wanna see a KILLER fucking show? For like 5 BUCKS?! Get your lazy ass up off the goddamn couch and go see Soul Pollution! You know you don't need to watch that insipid shit on TV anyway! Go see and support these guys for one simple reason... They DESERVE it.

- Tom Wylde of Wylde Radio at


3 Song Demo - The Title, Soul Pollution, Pushing Black - 2003
3 Song Demo - The Title, Soul Pollution, Searching for the Sun - 2004
3 Song Demo - The Title, Define the Line, Somber In Autumn - 2004
3 Song Demo - The Title, Pushing Black, Martha - 2005
3 Song Demo - Left of Right, The Title, Slide Song (The Apology) - 2009-2010

Coming in 2011 - Black Label Warning - Full Album.



Deeply rooted in the tradition of fine Chicago music, Soul Pollution integrates the influence of several musical genres to produce their distinctive sound. Lending themselves to the likes of grunge heroes and metal pioneers of days past, Soul Pollution offers the listener a chance to believe in rock-n-roll once again.

Founding members, Larry Derby (drums), and Mick Stone (guitar) built Soul Pollution upon the foundation of past projects. Between the two, Larry and Mick share more than twenty years of experience in the local music scene and are truly masters of their craft.

In early 2003, Soul Pollution called upon aspiring vocalist and song writer Antonio Fabian to be the voice of Soul Pollution. With years of experience in performing for crowds while participating in a Gospel choir, he was chosen because of his exceptional timbre and unique vocal style.

Bassist Joe Goga, also a long time veteran of the Chicago Rock Music scene completes the fold with his smooth flowing bass lines as well as his presence and precision.

Fueled by passion, Soul Pollution offers the listener a unique sound experience wrought by perseverance and monumental talent.