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Sarasota, Florida, United States | INDIE

Sarasota, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


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Riding a bass line and rhythm that borrows from the Iggy Pop classic, “Lust For
Life,” “Free My Freedom” soars off in its own direction under the guidance of Soul
Purpose. The roaring guitar distinctively rips through the entire song,
accompanied by a slamming rhythm section. The lyric takes some interesting
turns, incorporating the use of “The Pledge of Allegiance” and “The New
Colossus.” The delivery of it is the best part though, with a vocal performance
that can go from melodic, to spoken word, to a controlled scream with effortless
ease.. - Amazon

Soul Purpose – Free My Freedom
Soul Purpose gets radical on “Free My Freedom”, generating a sound that is
disjointed and raw, and ultimately highly entertaining. The recitation of The
Pledge of Allegiance, while supporting the theme, is an awkward transition. This
song works mostly because Soul Purpose takes a devil may care attitude and
lets it all hang out. The guitar licks are deliciously hot, and the untethered feel of
the arrangement absolutely rocks. (3.5/5) - Amazon

– Col. Tamar Alexia Fleishman

Well, you know you’re going to have some seasoned performers when one of your guitarists has written for Rick Derringer, played for Dickie Betts and even had Betts sing at his wedding. True, Al Owen of Soul Purpose used to be married to Betts’ niece. But, still. This Sarasota, Florida-based band, though influenced by Southern rock, is more a modern rock-reggae combo.

“Big Mouth” and “I Need Your Love” seem to be very modern rock radio friendly. The reggae sound in “Cool Ya Down” takes the band in a different direction, the same with “Yahweh”. “Joy” definitely shows influences by The Outlaws.

For more information, check out
- Southern Fried Magazine

Overall, I thought this was a good effort from Soul Purpose. They are obviously talented musicians with a love of many genres, and I like the fact that they're not afraid to experiment....An amalgamation of genres, this CD pulls from a plethora of influences to create a groove that the band calls "Banana Bread For Your Soul." - Beeb Ashcroft

Needful Things


When it comes to songwriting, Sarasota's Soul Purpose keeps it pretty simple. On Needful Things, the quartet's five-track debut EP, the band sings about keeping your mouth shut ("Big Mouth"), needing some loving ("I Need Your Love") and dancing with hot chicks ("Cool Ya Down"). The subjects might be breezy, but the band has a certain musical sophistication, hopping with ease from quasi-grunge and roots-rock to pop-ska and dub. The nine-minute-plus track that closes the disc, "Yahweh," is particularly impressive, a weighty reggae groove that fades into an extended hand-percussion coda. 3 stars - Creative Loafing

Island living
Jake Paine
I hate the fact that we’re in this pseudo po-dunk place that refuses to listen to or hire anybody unless they’re doing Jimmy Buffett,” says Soul Purpose vocalist and songwriter Al Owen, referring to his Sarasota, Florida home. Although Soul Purpose’s music has Caribbean influence, this recently-formed collective of veteran musicians from several genres looks a bit further south than Buffett’s Key West. “We love reggae music, and Sarasota really responds well to that island sound,” adds guitarist and vocalist Pat Monahan.

Still, the guys of Soul Purpose know they might not look the part of Stereotypical reggae rockers. “We come into a concert situation, and people are skeptical—as they should be,” begins Al, “but when they hear it, they’re immediately converted; we sell out of all the Cds we have.” Immediacy is an important factor, made clear by Soul Purpose’s album title Needful Things. After apologizing for metaphor, Al says of the group’s expectations, “here we are standing on the beach, knowing that the water’s receding, but we can tell that there’s a wave coming.” On a brighter note, these seasoned musicians writers both agree that this band is a career pinnacle.

Others are depending on that wave too. Soul Purpose incorporates numerous songwriters, guest musicians, and even writes for 60s and 70s rocker Rick Derringer.

One of the band’s songs “Yahweh” features a local rapping talent named Evon Williams. Pat recalls, “he’s actually living on the street. He just walked up to the mic and brought this beautiful fusion to the music.” The good vibes in the music are matched with a sense of family and good deeds within Soul Purpose. In an admittedly tough market, a challenging genre, and melancholic times, Al reveals that sole purpose: “there’s so much depressing music out there right now, and we’re not in that mode.”
- SKOPE Magazine

Band Members
Pat Monahan: Songwriter, Bassist, Vocals, And Acoustic Guitar
Joe Freed: Drummer, Percussionist, and vocals
Al Owen: Songwriter, Guitar, and Vocals
Mike Hamad: Guitar, Bass and Vocals

Junior’s Cave’s newest interview is with the dynamic four piece band Soul Purpose. Although their roots are planted in Sarasota, Florida, their musical presence is universal. With a nice blend of Rock and Reggae, Soul Purpose is craving a nice niche in the music industry. Isaac-Joseph: Briefly describe how you entered into the music industry.

Al Owen: Well, Pat and Joe have been in a few bands together namely Havoc, a heavier band that had some good success in Ohio and Fl. I came from a band called Zion. We were a Christian Rock act more along the lines of Yes and Rush. Mike Hamad showed up with a music degree and a great feel for what we were doing.

Isaac-Joseph: What is the most rewarding aspect to making music currently for you?

Al Owen: Lately, seeing people singing the words to our songs when we look out. It tells me that they are moved in some fashion

Isaac-Joseph: What has discouraged you the most about making music?

Al Owen: That it is infinitely hard to make a living at just doing music. I have to be involved in promotion, tours, budgets...musicians hate budgets.

Isaac-Joseph: Do you have a personal philosophy about music? If so, what is it?

Al Owen: Yes, Music is the inner communication with ones self. Sometimes it is hard to recognize who we are as people, until we sing....Truly Gods gift.

Isaac-Joseph: When you are performing live in front of an audience, what are the thoughts that are running through you head?

Al Owen: Just a constant awareness to see if the crowd is being entertained, moved or in someway interested.

Isaac-Joseph: Why is being an independent musician important to you?

Al Owen: I would rather be independent than dependent.

Isaac-Joseph: Do you think the Internet has altered the path of music as an industry? If so, how?

Al Owen: I am glad to see that the Internet and technology is taking the wizardry out of "getting the record deal" On the other hand, I don't see record companies developing an artist like previous; so musical purity is hard to come by.

Isaac-Joseph: Any advice for other musicians out there when it comes to using the Internet as a medium for getting their music heard to the masses? What kind of recording software do you use?

Al Owen: I have sonar, Fruity loops and some great effects.

Isaac-Joseph: I know that everybody has his or her idea of a dream artist, someone who for whatever reasons that person would just love to listen to and admire. As an entertainer yourself, if you could play with one of your "dream" musicians, anyone at all, who would it be and why?

Al Owen: For me, it would be Larry Norman. He just passed away in Feb, but he is such an enormous influence on me and many people. I think one of the greatest songwriters that have ever lived. "I opened the mouth of love, and found a wisdom tooth" You don't find that lyric down at the Wal-mart bin.

Isaac-Joseph: Amen!

Isaac-Joseph: What are you hoping to gain from your experience of being a musician and making music?

Al Owen: Personally, I am trying to make a good living to support my family. If people are moved, influenced, so be it. Isaac-Joseph: What are you hopes for your music in the year 2008? Al Owen: We would like our EP to have some radio airplay, and Internet radio airplay, so we can come out with a new Full length CD.

Isaac-Joseph: This is our Shout Out time. Please give props to anyone and everyone that matters the most to you.

Al Owen: I know we would love to say thanks again to our families for their support. Thanks to our fans for making all of this possible, and Thanks to God for making all of us possible.

Isaac-Joseph: This is Shameless Plug time: Give us some updates on new releases and other projects in the works.

Al Owen: Well, we are in preproduction of a new full length CD. We have some live cuts we have put up on our MySpace...( so can here some preview of what is up and coming

Isaac-Joseph: Final Thoughts:

Al Owen: Keep on Rockin in the free world! - Juniors Cave Online Magazine


Sophmore LP: Sounds From Science

• 1 Sunshine
• 2 Teacher
• 3 Sweet Payday
• 4 Money
• 5 Don't Know Where I've Been
• 6 Jelly Roll
• 7 Somehow
• 8 Bump
• 9 Dirty Lilly
• 10 Free My Freedom
• 11 In My Dreams

Joe Freed Drums & Vocals
Mike Hamad Guitar, Korg & Vocals
Pat Monahan Bass Guitar & Vocals
Al Owen Guitar & Vocals
Mikey Silbaugh Guitar & Vocals
Also starring Kevin Allen, Violin; Bezl Labonte, Percussion;
Ryan Langley, Organ & Rhodes & Rodney Shenk, Banjo
Backing Vocals: Patti B; Hayley Freed; Jonathan Goode; Kristen “Billi” Hall;
Emily Jewel, Kelsey Mace, Seth Monahan, Jasmine Reel
Recorded & Mastered at Science Recording Studio, Sarasota, Florida
Engineered by Neil Parsons
Produced by Soul Purpose & Neil Parsons

Debut EP Needful THings

Soul Purpose: Needful Things Ó2006

Track one: Big Mouth
Words and music: Pat Monahan

Pat Monahan: Acoustic Guitar , Lead vocals
Sean O’Brian: Bass Guitar, Background vocals
Al Owen: Electric Guitar, Background vocals
Joe Freed: Drums, Background vocals
Sean O’brian courtesy of B-movie (usa) Inc,

Track Two: I Need Your Love
Words, Pat Monahan Music: Pat Monahan, Sean O’Brian

Al Owen: Lead Vocals, Lead guitar
Pat Monahan: Bass Guitar, Background vocals
Sean O’Brian: Electric Guitar, Background vocals
Joe Freed: Drums, Background vocals
Annalise O’Brian: Background vocals
Sean O’brian and Annalise O’Brian courtesy of B-movie (usa) Inc,

Track Three: Joy
Music Pat Monahan

Pat Monahan: Acoustic Guitar
Sean O’Brian: Bass Guitar
Al Owen: Voice
Joe Freed: Drums
Sean O’brian courtesy of B-movie (usa) Inc,

Track Four: Cool ya down
Word and music: Pat Monahan

Joe Freed: Drums, Background vocals
Sean O’Brian: Bass Guitar, Background vocals
Pat Monahan: Lead vocals
Al Owen: Electric Guitar, Background vocals
Howard Helm: Piano
Sean O’brian courtesy of B-movie (usa) Inc,
Howard Helm courtesy ProgRock Records.

Track Five: Yahweh
Words and music: Al Owen

Joe Freed: Drums, Background vocals
Sean O’Brian: Electric Guitar, Background vocals, Additional drums
Annalise O’Brian: Background vocals
Al Owen: Lead Vocals, Lead guitar
Pat Monahan: Bass Guitar, Background vocals
G.J. Bosman: Drum circle drums
Shawn Bowen: Drum circle drums
Hassan: Jamaican rap
Sean O’brian and Annalise O’Brian courtesy of B-movie (usa) Inc,

Regular air play on WMNF, Tampa, WSLR Sarasota, WAMI, AnnaMaria Island and various internet radio stations.



Who Is Soul Purpose?

Soul Purpose is a band of songwriters influenced by the great songwriting of the past.

Soul Purpose is a roots, rock and reggae band that has it's roots in west central Florida. All four members sing, and play with soaring harmonies, and passionate playing that gets even the most apathetic foot tapping, if not all out dancing. Known for their stage show and banter, and their excellent playing skills, their "soul purpose" is to feed the audience's soul with great music and good times. Recognized as the Suncoasts' brightest up and coming gem, Soul Purpose has played for audiences from 20 -5,000 in clubs and venues in Suncoast of Florida, such as the Five O'Clock Club, Cock and Bull, D'coy Ducks, State Theater, Pumpkin Festival, Fourth of July Festival Sarasota, and Palmetto, and many more. They have opened for War, Dickey Betts, Dan Toler, Tucci, and one member has written a song recorded on 4 Rick Derringer (Hang on Sloopy, Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo) CD's. Members have played in other opportunities with Dan Toler, Dickie Betts, Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash), and other celebrities. All the name dropping aside, you are promised to have a great time listening, and dancing to Soul Purpose.

Pat Monahan: Songwriter, Bassist, Vocals, And Acoustic Guitar. Pat comes to this project from a longstanding Ohio and Florida rock band called Havoc. Years of traveling and national airplay from a contest won, has bought him back to Florida and in a fresh new project where he can flourish as the songwriter he is. Sure there have been other projects in-between, but none so motivating as this project. Pat says, “ I have never been in a band with better musicians, who know how to play off of each other so well.”

Joe Freed: Drummer, Percussionist, and vocals Joe also comes from the Havoc line up and is well versed in many styles of drumming. Notably his double bass kick drum has been known to pound a few songs down everyone’s throat. A studied and masterful rhythm king, he takes each new song and crafts an irresistible beat. Vocally he adds the needed harmony to further intermingle beat with melody.

Al Owen: Songwriter, Guitar, and Vocals Al is an accomplished, published songwriter/producer that has produced some local projects ranging from punk to pop rock. You can bet he has had his hand in the Needful Things CD. He has been involved in several original bands over the years. Zion, Majesty, Rapid Pulse, Random Act, B-Movie just to name a few. He learned his craft like a lot of musicians, in church. He was even the director of music for a growing church in Lakewood Ranch Fl. Even with all of this on his plate his love is the live show. “My favorite thing about live performance is, I can take one of my songs, even if it has not been heard before, and have people singing and dancing!”

Mike Hamad: Guitar, Bass and Vocals Mike joined Soul Purpose as an accomplished songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. Coming from a family of musicians, his musical prowess is evident not only in his technical ability, but the emotional pull that gravitates towards his every note. A believer in understatement, Mike strives to be subtle, to augment and enhance rather than to bust through walls. He loves Soul Purpose's mix of ideas and sounds and the pursuit of creativity for its own sake ... and for the sake of making people groove :)

Mike Silbaugh, aka: Mikey Michael Silbaugh was born in the mid 70's in Pittsburgh, PA. He became involved in music at an early age, singing in school and church choirs, then took an interest in violin. Mike's father and uncle played guitar and he decided that he "wanted a piece of that". After discovering the talents of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and Eric Clapton, he was convinced that playing guitar was what he wanted to do. He practiced relentlessly, listened to his favorite music and learned as much as he could from th