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Comprised of two rappers and one singer, Soul Rebel is a collective with the common goal of creating soulful gritty Hip-Hop music while rebelling against the cookie cutter trends of today.


Soul Rebel is a music group comprised of 2 MCs - Mic Sean and Severe, and 1 Singer - Devin Johnson, representing Queens, NY, Newark, NJ, and Baltimore, MD respectively.

A hip-hop group with a soulful sound, Soul Rebel has moved over 6,000 UNITS in the last 4 months via "The Soulful Rebellion Part 1" (Released in February 06) and "Tapemasters Inc. Presents - The Inc Files 8" (Released in May 06).

Additionally, Soul Rebel has performed continuously since the beginning of 2006 in New York (The Lucky Cat, Chocolate Monkey, The Five Spot, Prospect Park), D.C. (Cada Vez, Busboys and Poets, Mirrors), Maryland (The University of Maryland-College Park)and Atlanta (The Apache Cafe). Including events sponsored by Starbucks, Bank of America, Triple Five Soul, Life Beat, The Children's Aid Society and others. Also active in the community, Soul Rebel has served as featured performers at events that raise health awareness among children (The Self-Love Campaign), as well as promote diversity and acceptance in the greater community (Brooklyn Pride Festival and Parade).

After licensing their music for the score and soundtrack of a film ("Contradictions of The Heart"), a play ("Samurai"), receiving numerous spins on 93.9 WKYS in MD/DC for their song "Sincerely Yours", and on 85.6 in Miami, FL for their song "Them New York Boyz", Soul Rebel is now knee deep in the process of crafting their official full length debut to be released in Fall 2006.


The Soulful Rebellion Part 1 (LP/Compilation)

Sold approximately 1,000 copies between NYC and Atlanta

Tapemasters Inc. Presents... (LP/Compilation)

One of 28 acts featured. Sold over 5,000 units.

Sincerely Yours (Single)

Received numerous spins on 93.9 WKYS. Licensed for the soundtrack and score of the film "Contradictions of The Heart".

If It Could Sing (Single)

Licensed for the independent play "Samurai".

Them New York Boyz (Single)

Received numerous spins on 88.1, 95.3, and 96.9 in Miami, FL. Was the song featured on the Tapemasters Inc Presents... compilation.

Lonely (Single) - To Be Released Fall 2006

Set List

Set is subject to change/adaptation depending on venue, audience, and length of set. I.E. Every show is unique.