This Tulsa band is like no other band we know of!! From the style of music projected, to the image displayed on stage, this band has it all. Yeah, I know they say "It's all been done before" but has it? Checking this band out won't leave you disappointed.


Our band has a variety of different influences that allows us to write together and create a darkly unique and stylish sound all our own. The "ballsy, bluesy, hard rock sound" has been forged together from the different influences we have. From Chad Smith, Nick Menza, Matt Soruem, to Les Claypool, Cliff Burton, Timmy C., Zack Wylde, George Thorogood, Jimi Hendrix and James Hetfield.
There are several things that sets us apart from other bands. The first and foremost is the sound of our music. Our music has some rock beats with just enough bass funk to allow the lead string bender to whip out those wicked solos you can feel. You throw down some smooth vocals on overdrive and you've got Soulrider. This music is comprised of good ol' rock and that deep down blues feel conjoured together for a musical experience you won't forget!


Self titled demo "Soulrider"
With four "rough-cut" studio recordings

Set List

Ride 4:00
pheonix 3:47
Into the Silence 4:30
Duskman 4:00
Baptism 3:30
T.A.O. 3:00
Brimstone Blues 3:20
Wicked 3:45
Magic 4:36
The Quickening 2:30 (Rev. Lunn's diddy)
Darkrun 4:15

Soulrider wants to remain an original band that stays away from playing just covers. Right now as of March 05, we have twelve original songs worked up and counting. Depending on the venue we also have a slew of cover tunes we may play at our disposal. So we play over an hour of original music and if requested an hours worth of cover tunes.