Soul Risin'

Soul Risin'

 Syracuse, New York, USA

Soul Risin' is the Syracuse-based, blues-rock jam band awakening the souls of all those experiencing their sound. They bring with them an energetic vibe and the ability to create The Rise from within that their listeners desire. The voyage has just begun, and there's a SoulRise on the horizon.


Soul Risin is the Syracuse-based, blues-rock jam band attracting attention by awakening the souls of all those experiencing their sound. Formed in February of 2006, the group brings together an array of musical influences and styles, blending old-school traditional blues, with classic rock, folk, R & B, reggae, and a touch of genuine soul. Joined together for the sole purpose of creating original music, they have only one goal... to be heard.

Heading up The Rise is Bryan Weinsztok, who draws vocal comparisons to Warren Haynes, Dave Matthews, Gregg Allman, and Joe Cocker. From Florida, Bryan adds a taste of the south to Soul Risin. At his side, dynamic lead guitarist Jeff Pazer, whose fingers of fire light the stage with a throwback style to such greats as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix. Drummer John Capozzolo and bassist Jeremy Scott add the wild-eyed flare and percussive creativity to help rock Soul Risin over the edge. But wait... what's that? An organ player? Newest addition Mike D'Ambrosio completes The Rise from the behind the keys.

Soul Risin brings with them an energetic vibe and the ability to create that rise from within that their listeners desire. To them the voyage has merely begun, and a long-awaited SoulRise is on the horizon.
"A new U.S. band goin places." - Salty Dog Blues & Roots Podcast (Melbourne, Australia)

"It was great sharing the stage with these guys." - Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root)

"Syracuse bandmates in Soul Risin' share a big sound, hard and crisp on their debut CD 'When The Bridges Begin To Burn'... It's a fine thing as Weinsztok's voice hits you aside the head, melodic and tough all in one." - Mark Bialczak (Music Critic, Syracuse Post-Standard)

"Sounds awesome . Groovy as hell! Thanks for adding yet another kickin' band to the Syracuse sound scape. You guys do us proud." - Colin Aberdeen & Los Blancos (Local Legends in the CNY Music Scene)

Now that you've read all that you'll understand how we keep even the little old ladies dancing. There are two older ladies, in there 70s at the least, who regularly attend our shows. Surprisingly, they're the ones who often get the Syracuse venues moving to start a night. They dance from start to finish, drinks in hand, and hitting on all the younger men. Friends come to shows now hoping they'll have a chance to see and meet the little old ladies who, even at their age, radiate of life, fun, and good times. Proof that Soul Risin' appeals to a mass audience, young, old and in between, and we can move anybody, anywhere, any day, from side to side, up and down, and all through your heart and soul.


"When The Bridges Begin To Burn" - Released in 2007, our debut album with 12 original tracks.

"The Opposite of Goodbye" - Released in 2010

Set List

Our shows incorporate a fairly even mix of original and cover tunes, and overall our repertoire includes over 25 originals and 50 covers. We are very used to playing long shows, often filling an entire night in a given venue. While we do sometimes only play one long set (up to 2.5 hours), we typically play two. The first usually ranging from 1 hour and 20 minutes to over 2 hours, and the second in the 1.25 to 1.5 hour range.

A typical set of ours to fill a long night may look something like this:
Set 1:
Trouble (Acoustic Cover)
Tellin' U So (Original)
Mellisa (Cover)
Spent (Original)
What Would You Say (Cover)
Funky Bitch (Cover)
Soul Risin (Original) >
Franklins Tower (Cover)
What The Lord Thinks (Original)
All Along The Watchtower (Cover)
Long Path Through Life (Original)
Santeria (Cover)
On High (Original) >
Heart Goes On (Original) >
On High >
In My Head (Original) >
Heartbreaker (Cover)

Set 2:
Shakedown Street (Cover) >
Drums >
Fried Neckbones (Cov