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GEE SOUL - Affliction Evolved with the Tide of Elation, Nov 2011

GEE SOUL - Love Will Fvck Us Over, June 2013

ROD ROC - Pre-Closure, April 2013

ROD ROC - Thank You., July 2013

GEE SOUL + ROD ROC - Tame Mud Bird, Oct 2013




Rodney Fernandez Rivers. Vallejo native by way of Daly City, is better known to the people as Rodney-O or Rod Roc.

Acquired his first set of tables in 1993 and immediately transformed into a bedroom hermit due to an addiction of watching Turntable TV and DMC/ITF battle tapes. A few years after, Rod Roc decided to break out of his shell and join the rest of the active DJs on the scene along with fellow friends/DJs (rbtron, phraze, jay z, dvs1) and created mobile DJ crew; Mixology Entertainment. Mixology was known in the Northern part of the Bay to rock parties (garage parties, cotillions, weddings, school dances, etc…) from Vallejo to all the way to Vegas. Eventually, everybody in the crew started to lose interest in DJing, except for Rod Roc of course and fellow friend/DJ Jay Z. The fall of Mixology quickly lead the two to join local legendary Daly City crew; Second To None Productions, from 98’-2000.

Paying dues with the Second To None crew opened up a ton of new doors. Rod Roc slowly but surely started rockin’ parties around the Bay Area and showcasing/opening for cats like DJ Rhettmatic and The Visionaries, Cut Chemist & Numark, Dilated Peoples, Mary J Blige, Black Eyed Peas (original), Jurassic 5, Fingerbangerz, Moonrocks, Living Legends, Top Rawmen, The Earthlings, Queen Latifah, Heiroglyphics, Method Man, and Saul Williams (just to name a few....haha yeah I name dropped....say something). Also received a taste of the battle scene by participating in Guitar Center’s 1999 ITF Spin-Off Battle.

After Second To None slowly died out for good in 2000-2001, Rod Roc moved on and gave birth to an idea called; Souled Out Radio, in 2002. First started off as a live mixshow operated in his garage/studio, but after 4-5 years….is now a full blown radio outlet for local independent artists from the Bay Area and beyond, consisting of shows like Schoolyard Saturdays, Sunday Night Break-Fast, and the Thursday Night Throwdown, which are broadcast worldwide all over the internet.

Sometime in early 2006, Rod Roc receives a CD in the mail from a local Daly City producer by the name of Joe Dukes, requesting for him to play his group’s (Can’t Find A Villain) tracks on Souled Out Radio. After hearing the group’s CD, Rod Roc quickly responded and requested to meet at some lounge in Berkeley and things just took off from there. They decided to create a music label to help expose local artists and crews and artists such as Can’t Find A Villain, Construct Existence Crew, Gee Soul, and more. Shortly after, local Bay Area DJ; The Mighty Delrokz, joins forces with the two shortly after participating as a guest DJ on Souled Out Radio, and the three go on to create what is now known to the public as; Souled Out Underground. Souled Out Underground is home to some of the freshest independent artists/dj’s in the Bay Area and is known to throw some of the freshest shows, showcasing artists such as; Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Akil (Jurassic 5), Melina Jones, Group Therapy, The Earthtones, Vera Clique, Poeticali Disturbd, Jendor, 4OnePhonics, Jern Eye, Kero-One, Mixed Messengers, Hopie Spitshard, and the list goes on.

In 2008, Rod Roc was invited to become the permanent DJ to Bay Area’s independent hip-hop group; Group Therapy (LMNtal, Random, Inkfat).
And as of 2011, Rod Roc was included as the fourth member of the Bay Area based underground political hip-hop group; Digital Martyrs, which also consists of producer Off-Balance, and MC's Archetype and Saifallah. You can obtain more information on the Digital Martyrs @
Currently, Rod Roc is producing and working on a few surprise projects with various artists and muscians. You can also catch him doing his thing @ SKRATCHPAD every 3rd Tuesday of the month, OSS [Open Session Saturdays] every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, SCHOOLYARD SATURDAYS RADIO SHOW on SOULED OUT RADIO, as well as rockin’ parties around the SF Bay Area and cuttin’ it up at your local and around the way hip-hop shows.