New York, New York, USA

Written about in: Guitar Player, El Diario, with TV appearances on Telemundo, Soulsa has established a sound like no other. Fusing the best of Latin Jazz, rock and Afro-Cuban percussion resulting in an unforgettable sound.


"An urban voice that grows with every performance". Those are the words that El Diario, the largest spanish language newspaper in New York City, used to describe Soulsa.

Soulsa is a latin group made up of five new yorkers from different musical backgrounds. The group brings a new mix of rock and the Afro-Cuban rhythms of salsa. A good idea, considering the fact that today's latin music is expanding in all different directions. The group was formed in 1999 in Washington Heights, NY. A neighborhood known for its embrace of latin music.

Soulsa contains all the energy of a rock group combined with the sensuality and elegance of today's salsa bands. This pleases the public, both latino and non-latino alike. The absence of piano and brass manages to give the band a less traditional sound, while the guitar brings in a harder edge. Ben Ohmart from “LA" wrote it best by stating “when Santana broke the mainstream barrier in the 60’s, blending rock with Latin rhythms, they probably had no idea just how far their influence would stretch into the arena 40 years later. Here we are at the latest sensation... Soulsa!” .

Soulsa has played various clubs in New York City such as Nuyorican Poets Café and China Club. They have also performed at private events for Oscar de la Renta, VOGUE magazine, and Time Inc. Most recently, Soulsa was invited to perform at BMI's "Latin Lingo" music showcase for Latin Alternative bands and also peformed live for one of latin tv's biggest channels, Telemundo.

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Elena (Esta Cancion)

Written By: Alberto Diaz & Luis Batista

Elena esta canción
te quiero dar
Del corazón
te la voy a cantar

Me voy pal' campo
Voy caminando al atardecer
Allá está Elena
Ay muy pronto yo la voy a ver
Guitarra al hombro
Bien afinada para yo poder cantar
La serenata
que a mi Elena yo le vengo a dar

Elena esta canción
te quiero dar
Del corazón
te la voy a cantar

Elena esta canción
va a declarar
todo mi amor
Ay oye mi cantar

Te llego al alma
con cada verso de mi canción
No falta nada
Junto a ti lo tengo todo, amor
Ay que bella la noche se ve
Luna llena alumbrándote bien
Ay Elena oye bien mi cantar
La serenata que te vengo a dar.

Tu canción mi amor
te quiero dar
Del corazón
voy a cantarte amor

Ay que bella la noche se ve
Luna alumbrándote
Yo te canto a ti Elena

Copyright Soulsa 2003


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Set List

We have enough original material to perform a 2 hour set if needed.