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Souls a Fuse

Mira Loma, California, United States

Mira Loma, California, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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"Featured Review: Souls A Fuse - Under The Spotlight EP (2007)"

1. All Falls Down
2. Fast Forward
3. Mr. StoneSkin
4. Next To You

Souls A Fuse debuts with this 4-song EP. Souls A Fuse mixes straight-forward rock with alternative twists. The energetic, powerful songs on "Under The Spotlight" are a good example of what this band is capable of. The songs are well-written and performed quite well. However there is still room to grow.

The album starts with the uptempo powerpop song All Falls Down. The enthusiasm and energy in this song are infectious and you'll find yourself moving along to this song. Either tapping your feet or bobbing your head, or whatever it is you do. The guitar is probably the strongest part of this song. It is a good opener for this EP, but it is by no means the strongest song. But with a slightly better production and a little more tweaking this could become even better. It does make a hell of a live track though.

Then we hear Fast Forward. But FFW is the last thing I want to do on this song. The timing on this song is much better than on All Falls Down. It's like the band needed a little time to warm up, but on Fast Forward they are in their groove. A clever drum line and very well thought out song. Slightly reminds me of Hybrid L, a band from GA. One of my favorite tracks on the EP.

We then continue the EP with Mr. StoneSkin which is, without a doubt, the best song on the CD. A song in the tradition of July For Kings, Small Town Sleeper, and the likes, this song has the right tempo, the right timing, great lyrics and is performed as well as one can hope for. This song has the best vocals of all 4 songs on the EP. I found myself singing along to this one after listening to it only once. Great rock song.

The closer is Next To You which has a Goo Goo Dolls like intro. You almost expect Johnny Rzeznik to start singing. But it's not really a disappointment when he doesn't. Because Dan Cable's vocals are just right for this song. Another strong piece of music by this Californian band. This song is a little slower than the other 3, but by doing that, Souls A Fuse shows their diversity. And by putting it last on the EP, they do this track justice.

Souls A Fuse brings us "Under The Spotlight", a little peek inside the talents of this band. There sure is some room for growth, but for a debut, this EP shows there's enough talent, willpower, & conviction to make it. With songs as Fast Forward & Mr. StoneSkin I bet we'll be hearing more of this band. And rather sooner than later. Don't be surprised if you see them opening up for bands like Daughtry, 12 Stones, Default, or Staind one day.
- Inner Ear


The Press-Enterprise

Two Inland bands are having album release shows this weekend.

Up first is Souls A Fuse, a Corona alternative rock combo that has been together since forming in high school eight years ago.

The band's core played Little League together as children and eventually wound up at the same high school.

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Special to The Press-Enterprise
Souls A Fuse, a Corona alternative rock combo, is playing in Newport Beach.
The members have been working on their self-titled debut since 2005.

"I think it exceeded expectations," said singer Dan Cable.

He said there were times during the recording process where he didn't know if it was going to come together, but the band is really happy with the result.

Souls A Fuse is influenced by bands such as Abandoned Pools (their name is a lyric) and worked with members of that band on the record.

"We've learned how to get what we want out of the music," guitarist Ryan Schicht said about Souls A Fuse's evolution.

Standout tracks include the Incubus-like "Panic Attack" and the power pop of "SoCal Hottie."

Souls A Fuse is playing at Hogue Barmichael's in Newport Beach on Saturday.

"We get to play the whole record from start to finish," Schicht said.

8 p.m. Saturday, 3950 Campus Drive, Newport Beach, $10.

For more on Souls A Fuse, visit or

- Press Enterprise Newspaper


EP- Long Story Short 2005
EP- Under The Spotlight EP 2007
LP- SOULS A FUSE (May 23 2009)



Souls a Fuse was born out of a sincere desire to rise above the commonplace cliché of the modern rock genre. It is a fusion of minds and hearts, a clenched fist thrust upward in search of the perfect place for the perfect passion. It is grounded in the knowledge that music is more than just distorted guitar and fleshy vocals; it is an emotive language of intense catharsis. It is a reminder that sometimes we hear so chaotically that it’s hard to filter out what’s most important to us, that sometimes we need to step back – to not simply hear, but to listen. It is an invitation. Don’t just hear. And when you listen…

Listen to this.

Their self-titled debut effort took over three years to complete, after loading in and out of the studios and computers of producer Andrew Bush, mixer Tommy Walter (of Abandoned Pools/Glacier Hiking), and mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen (of Matchbox20/Blue October renown). The band will tell anyone the same thing. This has been well worth the wait. It’s disappointing to think that a lot of those who listen at first will think that this record is about a girl, because it’s not about a person, or a thing – it’s about the experience. This experience. Life gives everyone their own little slice, and Souls a Fuse’s message is that it’s not about the hand you’re dealt. It’s about having the balls to call when you have to call and, perhaps even more importantly, to fold when it’s time to fold.

In the end, this group of uniquely talented individuals knows it is infinitely more important to keep your dreams in sight than it is to win every emotional battle. Infused in every lyric and riff is the conviction that in the worst of times, there is always something more. This is the hope that drives them, the knowledge that they seek, and the hardest lesson that any human being will ever learn. Because not everyone has the strength to say goodbye.