Soul Seeker

Soul Seeker


Soul Seeker is an instrumental Prog Rock group with blistering chops and melodic rhythms from Cape Breton. Bernie Eagles and Keith Dawson, the former founders of 8-Time award winning Rock band Forever, are at the helm of this exciting new project that focuses on structure and musicianship.


Soul Seeker is an instrumental project featuring guitarist Bernie Eagles and drummer Keith Dawson. Both have played with many artists over the past few decades like Helix, Peter Criss (from KISS), Vexen and most recently 8-time Award winning rockers Forever which they founded in 2001. Having won 8 awards, (including 3 ECMA's) with FOREVER, deciding to ‘retire’ Forever was a tough decision, but both felt they needed to move on and free the restrictions of a band format to be able to create any style of music they wanted.

This first project from Soul Seeker, ‘Practice What You Seek’, was a last minute decision to see what they could ‘throw’ together. This original project also includes a Gordie Sampson cover 'Blood is Strong' and a Paganini/Bach/Eagles mix. The project from start to finish only took 3 days, (tracking, producing, mastering and designing), and they were so happy with it, they plan to release 3 more CD’s over the next year and a half. The next 3 CD’s will be a trilogy from a novel written by Keith called ‘Welcome to the World of Hydrax’, which takes place 150 years in the future. The cd’s will be called Part 1 ‘The Shame of Kaine’, Part 2 ‘The Phoenix Discoveries’ and Part 3 ‘Two Worlds’.

Bernie and Keith both agree that this project is all about having fun, exploring new ideas, challenging yourself and having creative freedom, which always comes back to the ‘fun’ part. Soul Seeker will be performing workshops and clinics over the next few years so keep an eye and ear out and always ‘Practice What You Seek’.


1. Welcome to Forever 2002 release (winner 2 awards)
singles - Here with Me #5 on top 30, #1 on top 9 at 9 21 times and on top 9 for 37 weeks
- Without your Love #4 top 30, #1 top 9 at 9 26 times and on top 9 for 42 weeks

2. Something to Dream of 2004 release (winner 4 awards)
singles - One More Time #5 on top 30 #1 top 9 at 9 17 times on top 9 at 9 36 weeks

3.Christmas EP 2006 release
single - Christmas Time, regular rotation every X-mas holiday

4. Reborn 2009 release date. (winner 2 awards)
singles - Angel (commercial radio release)#1 on top 9 at 9 and #76 in Top 100 of the year.
Save Me ( Hard rock single)

5. Soul Seeker - 'Practice What You Seek' "NEW!" 2010 Release Date

Set List

Venue set list

1. Paganini/Bach Rock
2. Another Day
3. Descent
4. It's Alright
5. Kris
6. Blood is Strong
7. Drum solo
8. Lunar Sunrise
9. Uprising
10. Guitar Thang

Clinic set List
1. Paganini/Bach Rock
2. Another Day
3. Guitar solo/structure discussion
4. Descent
5. It's Alright
6. Classical guitar solo/discussion
7. Kris
8. Blood is Strong
9. Lunar Sunrise
10. Drum solo/discussion
11. Uprising
12. Guitar Thang