Soul Servant

Soul Servant

 Wellington, Wellington, NZL

Soul Servant is a Christian worship band on fire for God and impacting the Wellington region. Their songs encompass a true heart for worship and their live show is an experience not to be missed.The band members are passionate about uniting the Church in worship and indulging in God's holy presence.


The Band -

Soul Servant band is a group of passionate musicians committed to genuine worship, worship that comes from the depths of the soul, worship that touches the heart of God. Their aim is to write songs that connect people with God, to make famous the name of Jesus, to grow the Church and to inspire heart felt worship in believers all around the world.

Soul Servant band started as a church worship team in our home church Lifeswitch, in the Hutt Valley. Since forming, they have recorded an outstanding EP, received air time on Life FM and served at countless Christian events playing alongside bands like Rapture Ruckus, Esther Melody Band, Shooting Stars and Black Boy Peaches to name a few. With songs that speak to the heart and an incredible live show, this band is one to watch out for.

The Sound -

Elements of rock, soul and pop are what make up Soul Servant’s unique sound. Their sound is one that exudes life and leaves you feeling good. Their self-titled EP recorded by Geoff Duncan at Triple Star Studios is a phenomenal EP making noise around the Wellington region. The combination of tasteful groove, layered guitars and an exceptional vocal performance by Maaka Fiso makes this a stand out EP. The songs speak to your spirit and inspire you to draw near to God.

The Name -

The name Soul Servant comes from the band’s purpose and portrays their heart. It simply means a heart for servanthood and describes an attitude taught and lived out by Jesus. This attitude is one the band strives to live out day by day and is the cornerstone of the band’s vision. This vision comes from the understanding that as worship leaders and musicians they exist to serve not to be served, to contribute to creating an environment in which people are encouraged and inspired to reach out to God. Whether it’s in church services, camps, outreach events, conferences, youth events, or even just when someone puts on a Soul Servant CD in the car, Soul Servant’s heart is to serve the Lord in helping people connect with Him.



Written By: Nathan Rapana


Jesus son of God the Saviour
Ruler of the heavens the radiance of God
From heaven to earth
The word of God came as man
He gave his life for us displayed the Father's love

And He hung up on that cross
The arms of love stretched out for me
His blood washes clean
By His stripes we are healed

He gave it all to save us
He gave it all to redeem
Jesus Christ wonderful saviour
Emmanuel, Emmanuel

All power and authority belong to Him
He reigns victorious, through Him we overcome
So I give my life
To follow Him for all my days
There is no other Jesus you are all I want

He rose up from the dead
Seated above in the highest place
Every knee should bow down
Every tongue confess He is Lord of everything

I’m giving my all to worship
I’m giving my all, I lift my praise
Jesus Christ wonderful saviour
Emmanuel, Emmanuel

Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel the Lord


Written By: Maaka Fiso


I hear the sound, of all creation
I hear the call, the call to worship You
I hear the choir, the choir of angels
I see the day, the day of ages

And I praise, You, heavenly
and I give, You, all of me...

Open up my eyes
so I can worship You here
Let Your fire,
Flood our hearts, consume us
as we glorify Your name

I hear the cry, of freedom praises
I know the hope, in Your salvation
I taste the spring, of living water
I know by faith, that You have saved me

And I praise, You, heavenly
and I give, You, all of me...

We praise You, praise You
In worship, worship
Sing Hallelujah

Let It Rain

Written By: Nathan Rapana, Caleb Campbell


I place my life into Your hands
I trust in You with all I am
Your will oh God make clear to me and let it be
More of You and less of me

To know Your name is my heart’s cry
To live a life for You on fire
Take away all selfish gain and I pray
Let me hear each word You say

We wont we won’t fade, fade away
Fire fall down Lord let it rain

Let it rain down
Let it rain pour it out
Living water come and
Flood our lives to overflow

I’m reaching out Lord take my hand
I’m desperate for Your healing rain
Come like a flood consume this place
Lord we pray, turn the darkness into day

Holy Spirit, rain upon this barren land
Holy fire, set my heart ablaze for You



SoulServant Self Titled E.P released:
1. Saviour
2. Let it Rain
3. Emmanuel
4. Freedom
5. Fall at Your Feet
6. Saviour (Radio Edit)


Debut Single 'Saviour' released to Radio (Life FM)

SoulServant Self Titled E.P released on iTunes