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The best kept secret in music


"Something More..."

Souls For Rent is a four-man rock band from Chicago that manages to pull off the tougher-than-it-looks trick of being lyrically and melodically intelligent while still maintaining a credible rock and roll crunch. Their sound truly is pop and rock at the same time, in the same way that Cheap Trick is, but without the overt Liverpool influence. The band members (lead vocalist/lead guitarist Geoff Siebold, rhythm guitarist Lon Ripley, bassist Brian Beck, and drummer Eric Staffa) are more than capable musicians and turn in inspired performances on all five songs on their latest EP Something More. Siebold, in particular, deserves mention for being equal parts singer and instrumentalist. His clear, strong vocals and skilled lead playing do much to elevate an already talented band to greater heights.

The songs presented on Something More demonstrate that not only can the SFR boys play, they can write as well. Their songs contain a level of rhyme, rhythm, and meter that gives their music a timeless quality that could very well span a couple of different demographic groups quite easily. The opening cut, "To Live," starts out as textbook modern rock, but its asymmetrical verse structure and vocal harmonies make it instantly memorable. The winning track here, however, is "Better Than Nothin'." It's one of those classic pop songwriting kind of tunes, with an 80's influence riding side by side with more current sensibilities. The tag line alone ("I'll try to be good for something/'Cause I don't want to be your better-than-nothing") is worth the price of the CD, especially for fans of boy-girl pop songs. Overall, Something More is a good effort from a band that could actually develop into something. It would be worthwhile to keep Souls For Rent on the list of up-and-comers in the Windy City rock scene. One never knows how far songs like this can go.

"Souls For Rent CD- Waiting To Arrive"

Souls for Rent explodes when it comes to their music, talent and musicianship on their CD ‘Waiting To Arrive.’ This bunch of musicians are some of Chicago’s finest, they give their all in the vocals, all instruments, sound, cd project engineering is superb, the songwriting is outstanding. And they demonstrate all this and more in the music of this cd. I found myself loving every second of their music and left craving to hear more and more.

It has been said that Souls For Rents sound is described as funky rock, all I hear is some good rock and roll with solid vocals and super solid and tight musicianship. I just don’t see how a sound could get any better than this. Usually in a review I try to mention what really stands out on a cd, the first thing I noticed was the vocal sound, the strength, vibrant and the ranges that Geoff Siebold holds on that vocal spectrum is absolutely spectacular. Then on the other hand those good ole guitar hooks pulled me right in, the finest lead guitar work I have heard. I have to admit that I have a weakness for lead guitar playing, when you have a guitarist that has the ability and the love of his instrument to lay out those hot guitar riffs, SFR has two fine guitarists that never get in each others way and that is Geoff Siebold and Lon Ripley. Mixing this excellent guitar work with some of the best beats coming from the rhythm section of the best in the business and that would be Dan Heim – drums and Brian Beck – bass and then you have the sexy vocals that belong to Geoff Siebold, you won’t find any better entertainment than the SFR cd ‘Waiting to Arrive’. Chicago must be proud.

It’s time for you to meet the players in the Souls For Rent, this outstanding group of musicians are: Geoff Siebold - lead guitar and vocals…..Dan Heim - drums and background vocals…..Brian Beck – bass and vocals…..Lon Ripley – guitar. And this is what holds the SFR together like glue.

Every single track deserves a mention, however, we suggest that you go out and purchase your own spin on the Souls For Rent ‘Waiting to Arrive’ CD. Some of the songs that caught our attention were: ‘Dizzy’….. ‘How Does It Feel’

BOTTOM LINE: Highest Caliber of Talent…..Musicianship expertise that pours from their inner being through their instrument…..Vocals to capture your heart & soul……Songs that will definitely be enjoyed and loved by someone - somewhere at anytime….Make sure to visit Soul’s For Rent Website at: , make the best purchase you will ever make this year, purchase the ‘Waiting to Arrive’ CD.


"Emergenza 2005"

the best sound and visual performance (SOULS FOR RENT) - Emergenza


Waiting To Arrive - Dizzy (radio play)
Waiting To Arrive - How Does It Feel (radio play)
Something More - To Live (radio play)
Something More - Better Than Nothin' (radio play)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Souls For Rent exploded onto the Chicago music scene in the spring of 2003 and has never looked back. They blend infectious melodies with aggressive guitars to create a sound few can resist.

2003 proved to be a great year for Souls for Rent traveling the country showcasing at several industry events such as MOM’s Music Festival and the Midwest Independent Music Festival supporting their self titled debut and their E.P. “Waiting To Arrive”. The reaction from both crowd’s and the industry were overwhelming and proved to lay the groundwork for future showcase venues and an ever growing number of fans dubbed “Soul Mates” by front man Geoff Siebold.

With the help of their promotions company Tinderbox Music out of Minneapolis Minnesota, they launched “Waiting to Arrive” to college radio and charted singles “Dizzy” and “How Does It Feel” in over 50 markets nationwide.

With their second EP release “Something More”, Souls has generated an even more electric sound that helped to propel them to finalists in the Chicago Regional Emergenza Music Festival in 2005, as well as being featured on many showcase events and featured on radio (Q101, 95.1FM) and many other forums.

Now in 2006, band members Geoff (lead vocals/guitar), Lon (guitar/ background vocals), Brian (bass/background vocals) and Greg (drums/background vocals) are poised to break nationally with their first full length album. They are favorites in many of their hometown clubs such as Elbo Room, Subterranean, Sluggers and The Note and have generated a strong regional following as well.

Siebold says the goal for 2006 is to get a deal that will allow the band to share their music with the world and recruit as many “Soul Mates” as possible. See for yourself why 2006 will be the “Year of the Soul” by visiting