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Soulshake does it again with Out On A Bender. When you want a refreshing blast from the past, put in the new Soulshake demo as it is sure to please your vintage 80s hair band rock senses.

Hailing from Long Island, Soulshake is comprised of Warren Von Kruck (vocals and guitar), Ray Schneller (lead guitar), Joe Higgins (bass), and Kato Peragine (drums). Having recently wrapped up recording and releasing its new 10-song demo, Soulshake is currently playing area venues such as The Crazy Donkey.

“Don’t Blame Me,” a song reminiscent of Bryan Adams’ “Summer Of 69,” is sure to please. The riff is so similar that while listening you may find yourself missing summer as we head into the fall. The song’s drumming performance is awesome. “Don’t Have To Run” is a solid ballad that is well written musically and delivered from the heart. This song is a departure from the standard gimmicky humor-laden 80s rock genre that some of the demo’s songs seem to touch on.

“Man Out of Me” is also a solid song that shows the band’s writing strength. It’s a good mix of AC/DC riffs and awesome lyrics to back up the reoccurring chorus. Musically, the songs on the recording were written well. Although the songs were good, the demo missed its mark sonically, as it is over produced, stealing from the band’s raw edge and thunderous bass rumbling live sound. The drums were definitely not hard hitting, especially if you have seen Kato play live. The overall production makes them sound like the pop bands they attempt to separate and distance themselves from.

If you are on the hunt for some music reminiscent of the mid to late 80s, this is it. If you love Poison, Ugly Kid Joe, AC/DC, and Skid Row, then Soulshake is your band and you should check them out. You can download songs and find out when the band is playing near you at
– Robert J. Shimonski

"Pick of The Week"

It seems that music is taking a turn back to the sounds of the 70's with acts as diverse as Lenny Kravitz, Madona, and Santana riding the waves of retro rock into the future. Is it a fad? or a look at the changes that need to be made?
Climbing onto the retro bandwagon is SOULSHAKE, a powerhouse foursome from NYC. The bands debut, on Electric Records, "Revolution", is a melting pot of Blues, Funk, and hard rock. The group states that the influences that make up thier sound are: Sly Stone, Hendrix, ACDC,Guns N Roses. They aslo claim to hold no prejudice to any form of music. Thier openess is evident all over the album...... - Billboard Magazine


"Without trying to overhype Soul Shake, the momentum of the last two months has been out of control!" So begins the band's manager, Scott Lustrow. "The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame show went incredibly well," he proudly announces. Soul Shake -- who opened for The Smithereens that evening -- "got about four minutes of national television exposure on MSNBC and NBC Channel 3, Ohio, and believe it or not, quadrupled the merchandise sales of The Smithereens!" according to Scott.

Soul Shake's founding member Warren Von Kruck (lead vocals/guitars) describes the group's reaction upon learning that they would perform at the world-renowned venue: "When we got the word we'd be playing the Hall of Fame, we were all together, recording some new material...and the entire band screamed at the top of our lungs like a bunch of high school girls! We just couldn't believe it," he says, sounding star-struck. Once they arrived at the Hall of Fame, the guys were given, as Warren puts it, "the full rock star treatment, with a security detail leading us from our dressing room to the stage. The M.C. announced us, and we hit the stage like it was our last show; the high was amazing. When we were done, we were bombarded with autograph requests, and made a killing selling CD's and t-shirts. Cleveland rocks!!" As for sharing the bill with a prominent band like The Smithereens, Warren says, "The Smithereens were a really cool bunch of guys, and tight as hell -- but we primed the hell out of the crowd. We have to give props to our sponsors, Guitar Center and Jagermeister for hiring us. We love you guys!"

The Long Island-based, self-proclaimed "poor, white trash bunch of brothers" want nothing more than for "rock and roll to feel good again" by exposing the world to their brand of rock, flavored with blues and funk. Signed to Babylon Records, Soul Shake has one release to date, called "Revolution". (It can be purchased anywhere CD's are sold, with a special five-dollar discount offer when purchased via the band's website: A second album, titled, "Monkey Business", is slated for a Thanksgiving 2002 release.

Warren Von Kruck is joined by Ray Schneller (guitar/vocals), Chris Campione (keyboards/acoustic guitar/vocals), Kato Peragine (drums/vocals) and Joe "Mama" Higgins (bass/vocals). Each member is an accomplished musician, having had a respectable career long before Soul Shake was formed just three years ago....And the band has been in demand ever since. Some of their...if you will pardon the statement...high-profile performances include: The High Times "Legalize It" rally on The White House lawn; the 30th Annual Woodstock reunion; both the 2001 and the 2002 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Conventions; and, by the time this article goes to print, the band will have added to the list a performance at Madison Square Garden Theatre! They have also been featured in major music magazines and have acquired national endorsements (for instruments and equipment) along the way.

How did they meet one another and was it their intention to take the show on the road? Warren explains. "The band was formed in 1999, and has gone through three member changes since then. We set our goals on a classic rock sound, and finding players that wanted to commit EVERYTHING to a band and who had the chops this band needed was a tall order to fill. Some of the past members just couldn't handle the commitment. Soul Shake as it is today, is by far one of the finest rock and roll units there is. We met through 'musician wanted' ads in local papers, and through mutual friendships. We absolutely expected to take this act on the road. People from all over dig real rock and roll. We've converted people from Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Texas, New York, etc. into Soul Shakers. The feeling you get when you roll into a town you're not familiar with, and there's 700 people waiting to see you, is the best feeling in the world."

Soul Shake is one of very few local acts whom I have interviewed, who can actually boast of "playing in Madison Square Garden!" Needless to say, Warren and his bandmates are totally freaked out at the mere thought of it: "This is the moment that we have dreamed about all our lives...MSG!!!! Oh My GOD. We were doing a segment on Q104.3's The Radio Chick Show, with whom we have become very good friends, as well as their official party band, and Chuck Nice, the comedian who is on the show, expressed an interest in working with us. When he said Madison Square Garden, we were like, 'Um... can we paint your house, do the laundry, mow the yard..whom do we have to sleep with to sign on?' So we worked out the arrangement, and we'll be opening the show with a 20-minute set, then play a song with Chuck during his show, and close with another 20-minute set. It will be the same for both shows, one at 8:00pm and one at 10:30pm on June 8th, and yes, we're scared to death... but we'll be back, we have no doubt about it." - The Inside Connection





Soulshake is anything but ordinary. Although the band is new, all of the members are no strangers to the music business. Soulshake was formed in 2002 by Warren Von Kruck (Vocals & Guitars), Ray Schneller (Lead Guitar), Joe Higgins (Bass) and Kato Peragine (Drums). Soulshake's music is drawn from the rawness of bands such as ACDC, Guns & Roses and Black Sabbath but at the same time they have created a fresh sound making them anything but what is seen as safe in todays pop culture.
After releasing their independent debut CD "Revolution" they began touring the country building a strong following. Touring constantly not only created a demand for the music but Soulshake had finally stepped into the industry and was now suddenly sparking everyone’s interest. This led to a large number of endorsement offers from some of the largest companies such as; Line 6 Amplifiers, DW Drums, Black Diamond Strings, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Sennheiser Microphones and Ultimate Support Stands. The later of which supplied the band with a custom chrome microphone stand in which there are only four others in existence, owned by such multi-platinum recording artists as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Michael Jackson. Soulshake then began taking on sponsors such as Guitar Center USA and Jagermeister. Guitar Center took notice of the bands work ethic, sound and most of all their appeal to not only the younger crowd but the seasoned music listener as well, and offered them a spot headlining all of the east coast Guitarmageddon finals and co-headlining with the Smithereens at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.
Not long after that, the radio promotion was already building. After making more than 20 radio appearances they were asked to be Q104.3's house band and began headling every corporately promoted function. This led to Q104.3's comedian Chuck Nice asking the band to open and close his headlining night at Madison Square Garden. Of course they jumped at the opportunity to not only capture hundreds of people at this arena but they were then able to see their name highlighted on the MSG marquee. For an up and coming band trying to break through there is no greater feeling of achievement. Following the completion of the tour they put together a 2 hour DVD concert with footage of their appearances in the US and South America.
Soulshake's music has already been heard on KROQ 102.3, WBAB, Q104.3, 98.5 The Bone, 95.5 KLOS California, KROQ Los Angeles and WMMS Cleveland. This airplay helped their indie release "Revolution" earn a massive 6.8 sanctioned downloads on
Soulshake has spent the last couple of months in the studio with Producer Tomas Costanza (Diffuser) working on their new album "Your Dirty Little Secrets". The album is an eclectic mix of raw retro style rock combined with today’s cutting edge production.