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"Spotlight on Atlanta Blues Bands"

By Ellen Hamby
Ever feel the need to have your soul shaken, way down
deep? Meet The Soul Shakers: Eric Pullen (drums,) and
the three Holliday brothers: Art (guitar and vocals,)
Adam (keyboards,) and Jacob (bass;) these four, all in
their 20's, are frequently joined onstage by harmonica great
Dr. Dixon ("the blues physician,") and occasionally
by their long-time close friend, Sean Costello, or Sean's former harmonica player, Paul Linden. Whether playing as a
four-some, or with such illustrious special guests, The Soul Shakers are one of the hottest blues bands playing the
Atlanta circuit.
The existence of The Soul Shakers is one of many things for which blues-fanatics owe a debt of gratitude to Sean
Costello. Sean's family moved to Atlanta when Sean was 9 years old,
and had just been given his first guitar; the first person to befriend
Sean was the boy next-door, Eric Pullen. As Sean developed his guitar
playing skills and moved from rock to blues, Eric was along for the ride,
taking up the drums because the 11-year old Sean needed a drummer.
The two boys spent countless hours practicing their respective instruments
and delving deep into the history of the blues. Art Holliday, the
oldest of the three brothers, met Eric in middle school; Eric introduced
Art to Sean and to the blues, and, several years later, Art did the same
favors for Jake and Adam.
The Soul Shakers' music is rooted in relatively obscure blues, with delicious
touches of soul and jazz thrown into the mix. Their blues influences
include Earl Hooker, Otis Rush, Little Walter, Muddy Waters,
Freddie King, Magic Sam, Fred Bellow, Sean Costello, and Paul Linden.
According to Art, "there are too many to list--entirely too many!
Those are just some of the most obvious "BLUES" influences we have.
There are so many, and so many from other genres as well: be-bop,
jazz, soul, funk... surf folks, too."
The Soul Shakers are all talented, dedicated musicians, with an obvious deep-down feel for and knowledge of the
blues. (Just try mentioning the name of any blues musician to Eric Pullen; no matter how obscure the blues-man,
and no matter how much you know about him and his music, Eric will know the name and, quite possibly, more information
about him than you do!) The passion these young men feel for the blues is clear in Art Holliday's description
of how the blues found him when he was in his late-teens: "When I moved back to Atlanta after spending a
couple of years in Texas, at age 18, I ran into Eric at a party and we became brothers. I was starting to get into jazz
and he was on it; he turned me on to a lot of great music he'd learned from playing with Sean Costello, and there
was so much great blues. It consumed me because it made so much sense... it was Heavy. All the good old stuff was
so personal, and there was room to express how you were feeling then and there. I knew I had to play the blues. It
found me, really, but it was through Sean to Eric to Me to Jake and Adam."
The Soul Shakers frequently play Fuzzy's (,) and they host a blue-jam every Thursday night at Nik's
Place (The Back Porch) in Marietta ( Visit their website ( and their
MySpace page at for dates and venues, photographs, and audio & video clips.
Page 4 Spring 2006
O n . . . - The Atlanta Blues Society


The April 2006 Membership meeting and Jam was held on Sunday, April. 23rd 2006 at Fuzzy's Place from 3 to 6 PM. Sunday was our April Atlanta Blues Society meeting at Fuzzy’s Place. What a beautiful day and what a great way to spend it – with friends and blues! Thanks to Fuzzy’s for hosting the meeting and for continuing to be a sponsor of the ABS. The Soul Shakers were great; the future of the blues is in good hands. Be sure to go see them soon if you missed the meeting. They provided some mighty fine music and hosted a jam with lots of new faces and talent. - The Atlanta Blues Society


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The Soul Shakers are a four a four-piece blues band out of Atlanta, Georgia. The band consists of Art Holliday (guitar & vocals), Jacob Holliday (bass guitar), Eric Pullen (drums) and Adam Holliday (piano and organ). Art, Jacob and Adam are brothers and life long friends of Eric Pullen. The Holliday brothers were born in Jackson Mississippi while Eric was born in California. They all moved to Atlanta at an early and grew up around the corner from each other. The band originally got its start back in 2001 as a three piece. Eric, Art and Jake rented an old, hot, and dusty 10’X 12’ storage unit in Marietta to start working on the intense music that would define their musical style and progression as a mainstream band making their rounds in Atlanta. The band practiced and gigged for about two years as a three-piece before Adam joined in on the keys adding a new dimension to the band sound. The Soul Shakers play a variety of music from old school blues, soul, swing, rhythm and soul rock n roll to many other obscure styles. The band is influenced by many of the greats like Otis Rush, Earl Hooker, Booker T & The Mg’s and Bob Dylan. All the members of the band are in there 20’s and fans everywhere simple can’t believe how incredible these guys can play at such an early age! The Soul Shakers are an extremely hardworking band that plays out three to five times a week. They host an open blues jam at a local venue once a week. The Soul Shakers have a very broad and diverse fan base and the band also exposes the younger generation to blues music and makes them fans time and time again!