Soul's Harbor

Soul's Harbor



This band started way back in 98. Tyson Pate and Glen McCollough were in Tyson's basement playing around on the guitar and drums respectively when they decided to play a song together. It was Precious Declaration by Collective Soul. Meanwhile, Tyson and neighbor Jon Ross Aldridge were learning guitar together. So, the 3 of them got together and played...Precious Declaration. At this point we decided we could start a band. We added other neighbor Chris Segraves, who had just started learning guitar and Corduroy was formed. Soon after the name was changed to Soul's Harbor. We played our first gig about a month and a half later. Our setlist was 8 Collective Soul songs and an original. Chris only played once more with us, but we carried on. We have had many lineup changes over the years and have grown as musicians and friends. Ironically most of our members have come from within a mile or 2 of each other. We recorded our album 'These Things' from Nov. 01 to June 02. We had, for all intensive purposes, stopped playing at that time, because of people moving to college and/or taking up other projects. Now, Soul's Harbor is just a recording and writing group with Tyson and Ross.


Psalm 103

Written By: Justin Ott

Bless the Lord, O my soul
And all that is within me bless His holy name
Bless the Lord, O my soul
Remembering all He has done for me
He's forgiven me from my sins and He healed my disease
Saved me from the pit and He set my spirit free

Oh Lord
We want to praise You Lord
Oh God
We want to praise You Lord



Oh God
Down on my knees with my face held to the clouds
We want to seek Your face

(Chorus x2)



He Gives

Written By: Jon Ross Aldridge

(Verse 1)
He was born in the likeness of man Humbled Himself and took our sin And He hung on the cross and now I live for Him

He walks with me every step
And guides me every move
I turn to Him for all that's real Because all I have He gives

(Verse 2)
He gave me eternal life through death
And now I will praise him with all my best
I don't deserve anything I receive It is He that I seek

(Verse 3)
Stand firm in the Lord
For the work that you do
Will never be in vain

(Chorus x3)


These Things-Album released independently.
He Gives has had some radio airplay.

Set List

1)The Price
2)Psalm 103
3)These Things
5)Here I Stand
6)He Gives
7)Why Can't You Let Go
10)Honored Above the Heavens
11)Again and Again
13)Send Your Rain
14)Psalm 119